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#BlogTour! #Review – Secret Wishes and Summer Kisses on Lily Pond Lane by @EmilyHarvale @RaRaResources

So glad I didn’t miss out on this blog tour – thank you so much, Rachel, for saving me a spot on Emily Harvale’s tour, and for the ARC. Really appreciate it! Here is my review of the final book in the ‘Little Pondale’ series:

Everyone’s got a secret wish in Little Pondale this summer. Mia’s been exceptionally lucky since moving to Lily Pond Lane. But even on her honeymoon with the man of her dreams, she still has one remaining wish. Ella wishes Gill would propose. But since Mia’s wedding something’s changed in their relationship. Now he’s spending time with newcomer, Tabbie Talbaine, Ella wishes Tabbie will leave as quickly as she arrived.

Tabbie wishes she hadn’t driven her car into a pond. But it could be the best thing that’s ever happened to her. When she discovers Hollywood heartthrob, Justin Lake’s staying in the village, getting an interview for her popular blog isn’t her only wish.

Bree was told she couldn’t have a baby. Now she’s expecting twins and is simply wishing it all goes well. And as for Hettie … she wishes she could get her hands on an old map of the village. Because there’s something hidden in Little Pondale that Hettie Turner really wants to find..

What does TWG think?

Would it be childish of me to stamp my foot and throw a tantrum over this being the final book in the series?

It would be?

Tough! Imma do it anyway!!!! HOW CAN THERE BE NO MORE MIA, JET AND THE GANG!!!! -sobs-. I am absolutely gutted that we have reached the end of the series, but what a series it has been.

The finale is all about wishes and hopes for the future. Of course nobody knows what is around the corner, but seeing as Mia and Jet, and everyone else in Little Pondale have come through enough testing times to last them a lifetime, I just know that they will be okay regardless.

Once again Emily Harvale has pieced together a story which warmed my heart faster than a picture of Michael Buble. I really didn’t want it to finish, not only because I knew that it was the final book, but because whenever I am catching up with the residents of Little Pondale, I feel like I’ve been put under a magic spell with extreme strength.

Bree had me whooping for joy, Ella had me in hysterics as always, and Mia was the hug that everyone needed.

This series has been one of the most incredible serials I have ever read, and I am incredibly proud of the author for what she has achieved over the last eight books. It has even an absolutely honour to fall in love with Little Pondale, and I hope this is only a ‘see you soon’ and not ‘goodbye’.

A touching, hopeful, and Mary Poppins-esque finish to an incredible series. More tissues ppease!!

Buy now.

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