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#PublicationDayPush! #Review – #IWillFollowHim by Holly Tierney-Bedord (@HollyTierney) @RaRaResources

Happy publication day, Holly! Huge thanks to RaRaResources for inviting me to take part in the publication day push for ‘I Will Follow Him’. Here is my review:

A bachelor party on a cruise ship. What could go wrong? When private detective Francie is hired to spy on a groom-to-be as he and his bachelor party set sailfor the Caribbean, she thinks she’s landed herself a week of paid vacation. Between lounging in thesun and sipping margaritas, she just needs to–best case scenario–report back that he’s on the upand up, or–the unfortunate, more likely scenario–snap a few photos of her target in compromisingpositions, buy a box of sympathy chocolates for her client, and then collect her pay along with a nice golden suntan.

Blame it on the island breezes or the alcohol, but within hours of setting sail, Francie’s leisurelyvacation gets complicated when she starts making careless mistakes. Like accidentally becomingfriends with the groom and falling for his best man.Can she get herself and her mission back on track, or has she blown her cover and possibly even her career?

What does TWG think?

Omg, please say that I’m not the only one who went all ‘Sister Act’ on the title of this book? Total earworm!

Anyway, sorry. The book. Erm, I mean this in the nicest possible way – it is BONKERS!!! Nevermind Francie being a Private Investigator, she seemed more like a shop brand ‘Finest’ version of a stalker!

‘I Will Follow Him’ isn’t a hefty read at all, what with it being novella sized, aka short story ish. Even though I had ‘what on Earth’ travel through my mind more often than Danielle texted Francie, I actually quite enjoyed reading it. I would definitely recommend picking this up if you’re needing something light to read inbetween heavy novels.

The characters are a bunch of crayons – such colourful personalities that you wouldn’t put together in a heartbeat, yet when they found themselves in close proximity of each other, they just worked. I was genuinely surprised but they really made me chuckle.

A unique, romantic, fun read – perfect for a little pick me up.

Buy now from Amazon UK

Buy now from Amazon US.

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