#BlogTour! #Review – #LosingMyInhibitions by Olivia Spring (@ospringauthor)

Many thanks to Olivia Spring for inviting me to take part in her blog tour, and for the ARC of ‘Losing My Inhibitions’. Here is my review:

He’s hot, single and off limits. She’s just got her life together after a messy divorce. Should she risk it all for a forbidden fling?

A year after leaving her controlling ex, Roxy’s divorce is finally official. She’s got her confidence and career back on track and is ready to start enjoying some no-strings-attached fun.

But just when Roxy thinks she has her dating plan all mapped out, a hot younger single man unexpectedly appears. On paper, he sounds like exactly what Roxy’s been looking for, until she’s warned that he’s strictly off limits. Getting involved with him will put her career, home and everything she’s worked for in extreme jeopardy. There’s a million reasons why Roxy shouldn’t give into his charms. The trouble is, he’s just too tempting…

Will Roxy take a chance and risk it all to pursue a forbidden fling? And if she does, can she find a way to let him rock her world, without turning it upside down?

What does TWG think?

When you really want something, being told not to touch it really makes you want it even more, right? Roxy knows that she shouldn’t touch, but she so desperately wants to! After all, she has just come out of a divorce and is totally entitled to a bit of fun…

A tough one to gauge, yet utterly hilariously to watch. Poor Roxy had a tough decision on her hands, and her humourous yet sassy outlook on life made ‘Losing My Inhibitions’ a highly addictive read.

I was transfixed by Roxy’s life and the way she conducted herself….most of the time. Obviously, as someone who has been single most of their life, I can’t quite see the fixation with wanting to be glued to another person. Maybe Roxy might have benefitted more by taking a breather? Who knows. Maybe I’m just a total unromantic who enjoys romantic novels!

Once again Olivia Spring has written a flirty and faaaaabulous read that will get your knickers in a twist a lot faster than Roxy’s!

Buy now.

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