#BlogBlitz! #Review – The Paramedic’s Daughter by Tara Lyons (@taralyonsauthor) @Bloodhoundbook

Next up on TWG this afternoon is a review of ‘The Paramedic’s Daughter’ by Tara Lyons. Many thanks to BloodHoundBooks for the blog tour invite and ARC.

Would you lie to your family to protect yourself?

Paramedic Abi Quinn is hailed as a hero by the patients she saves with the London Ambulance Service, but a secret she’s kept since she was a teenager now threatens to shatter that perfect illusion.

When her daughter Rose goes missing while studying at Brighton University, and ghosts from her past return to haunt her, Abi’s caught in a race against time to untangle the web of lies she set in motion over twenty years ago.

Everyone has something to lose.

Everyone is trying to protect themselves.

Everyone is broken.

But what lengths will they go to in order to stop the truth from being exposed?

What does TWG think?

I am struggling to digest the fact that this is Tara Lyons’ first dip into the ‘psychological thriller’ pond! I was impressed by the slow burning grit which demanded my full attention.

Abi, just like many of us, has skeletons in her closet, however when they come back to haunt her and put her daughter in the firing line, Abi isn’t sure which way she needs to turn. Being a paramedic in her day job, Abi is used to high energy events, but when the event contains someone directly linked to her, she finds herself in a bit of a muddle.

I liked the fact that the main character had a job as a paramedic; its something which I haven’t seen much of in books and it definitely made a change from the usual jobs that appear in books. The whole situation with Abi’s daughter was hard hitting and made my blood turn cold. At times I even felt as though I reacted more to her disappearance than her own mother!

Tara Lyons royally mucked up my head, and ranked my level of paranoia up several thousand notches! Honestly, the author was hitting the surprises of the park – I still don’t think my heart has recovered from it all!

What a gritty, atmospheric, thrilling read which had me second guessing everything. More please!

Buy now!

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