#BlogTour! #Extract – Trust Me by K.J McGillick (@KJMcgillickAuth) @RaRaResources

Delighted to share an extract from ‘Trust Me’ by K.J.McGillick on my blog today, many thanks to RaRaResources for inviting me to take part. Enjoy!

Sex. Power. Murder.

Dr. Gabriel Blackwell and his wife Sandra Blake have it all. He’s a brilliant thoracic surgeon. She’s a high-powered attorney with family money. Their lives are as loving as they are glamorous.

Or are they?

When a nurse Dr. Blackwell works with is brutally murdered, the questions fly. Who would want to kill this woman and why? When an autopsy reveals the woman was pregnant, all signs point to Dr. Blackwell. Just what was her relationship with him?

Whispers about a scandalous sex club surface. How many other lovers are there? Are any of them safe? How far would he go to protect his reputation?

Tragedy strikes again as Sandra Blake is found dead floating in their pool. Dr. Blackwell now finds himself on trial for two murders. Facing life in prison, Dr. Blackwell will grasp at any straw to preserve his freedom.

Any straw.

Is anyone innocent? Is anyone safe?

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All right, does everyone have what they need for their meeting with Dr. Blackwell?” Mary inquired.
“Should we call him Gabriel as he requested?” I asked.
“Poppy, the only people I call by their first name are folks I trust, so you call him what you want,” she said and studied something under the table.
I couldn’t help myself. I mimicked Mary, bent over and looked under.
“Jesus Christ, Mary, is that a gun bolted to the table?” I yelled.

Suddenly everyone was bending over to see what was under there.

“Mary, what the hell are you thinking?” Dalia yelled rolling her chair away to get a better look.

“What am I thinking? I’m thinking the man who is about to walk through our doors has people dropping like flies around him. I, for one, will be your line of defense in case he goes postal on us,” she announced.

“Oh my God. Then why did we take on the estate portion? Why not cut our losses and drop him like a hot potato?” Eloise said with disgust. “And I know all about that gun. Jackson has one exactly like it. That bad boy is basically a Colt 45, and can blow someone apart.”

“Look, everyone, calm down,” Mary said, tapping her hand quickly on the table to get our attention.

“You realize if you shoot from that point, you’ll blow our legs off,” Mr. Martin commented calmly.

“Of course, I realize that, and I’d have to cock the hammer to shoot it. It’s not an automatic firearm, for God’ sake.” Her voice now had a tinge of anger to it.

“I’m with Mary. If it weren’t for her being armed when Mr. Lansing had broken into the car and tried to kidnap us, we’d be dead. Keep that fucker handy, Mary,” Lulu said with an affirmative nod.

Mary gazed at the screen which monitored the exterior door. Dr. Blackwell had just come off the elevator and was making his way to the entrance.

“I’ll greet him, you all stay here. Also, Mary, don’t you dare touch that gun. I am sure you’re breaking a multitude of laws. We need to talk!” Dalia exclaimed.

“It’s not an assault weapon, Dalia, so don’t over-dramatize this,” Mary said.

“It appears to be a Public Defender Revolver, a small shotgun that fits in your pocket,” Mr. Martin added.

“What, are you crazy? Put that thing away in your office,” Dalia ordered.

“Too late, he’s at the desk and walking this way,” Mary said with a Cheshire smile.

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