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#BlogTour! #Review – The House at Greenacres by Darcie Boleyn (@DarcieBoleyn) @canelo_co

It’s day two of Darcie Boleyn’s blog tour and I am super excited to be one of the tour stops today! Many thanks to Canelo for the blog tour invite and ARC. Here is my review:

All roads lead home…

When Holly Dryden fled Penhallow Sands nearly a year ago she was determined to put the past – and Rich Turner – behind her. But now an unexpected loss and financial trouble has led her back to the family vineyard and it’s time to tell Rich the truth – he’s a father.

Surrounded by the memories of what they once shared Holly’s anger fades in the glow of Rich’s undeniable love for their son and the way he selflessly steps in to help the vineyard out of trouble. As Holly watches Rich flourish in his new role as father to baby Luke, she realises that though they can’t change the past, the future is still theirs to write…

What does TWG think?

Okay, that is it – I am now officially broody. Like seriously broody. Not what I was expecting to feel when I started reading ‘The House at Greenacres’, I’ll be honest!!!!

Holly doesn’t quite know what to do with herself does she? Shes gone back home for her beloved grandpa’s funeral, trying her best not to think about the last time she stepped foot in her childhood home. Of course the massive difference to a year ago is that she is now a mum and her grandpa isn’t around to meet the little fellow. That in itself gets the ice around the heart threatening to melt!

If Holly thought that she was going to come back to the village on the down low, she had another thing coming. The reasons as to why Holly left soon become clear, and one of the main reasons ends up standing in front of her far sooner than she thought. Maybe I am just too harsh, but I wouldn’t have been so lenient on the person is question. I know Holly was thinking of Luke’s best interests, but if the person in question flew the nest at the first sight of a storm, what makes them think that a child won’t bring other stresses to light?

Okay I am being harsh. Rich has had an upsetting time, and so has his parents. I just couldn’t get over his idiocy at times. Maybe that’s just me, I don’t know.

I adored the community spirit throughout this book! As for the dogs, AWWWWWW!!!!! The fact that Darcie Boleyn always has a whippet/greyhound in her storylines is amazing and I always look out for that little detail whenever I read a book of hers. It may not be an important detail to some, but it’s the little touches like that which make Darcie Boleyn’s stories feel as though you’re catching up with friends, each and every time.

‘The House at Greenacres’ is a story which definitely makes you look at the bigger picture, as well as highlighting just how important communication is. Holly is living proof that things can be ironed out if things were spoken about and discussed. So simple, yet one of the hardest things to put into practice.

Darcie Boleyn and the characters of ‘The House at Greenacres’, made me feel as though I was coming home. The warmth behind the authors words was incredibly power, and it blew me away just how much belief the author puts into her characters to make them come alive and tell the best story that they can tell. A huggable, emotive and humourous book which makes you think, ‘I want to be like Holly’s gran when I grow up’.

Buy now!

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