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#BlogTour! #Review – No Looking Back by Alex Kane (@AlexKaneWriter) @BOTBSPublicity @HeraBooks

Happy publication day, Alex Kane! I am honoured to be kicking off the blog tour for ‘No Looking Back’. Many thanks to BOTBS for the blog tour invite, and to Hera Books for the ARC. Here is my review:

He’ll find you… unless you find him first.

Kat Denton is a woman running away from her past. For the past sixteen years, her life has been a living hell as Jimmy, the man she fell in love with as a teenager, becomes ever more cruel and abusive. Following the fire that killed her parents, leaving her an orphan when she was just a teenager, Kat is utterly alone and can’t see a way out.

Until the day she finds out that she’s pregnant. Vowing to protect her child from Jimmy’s violence, Kat decides to fight for survival – for her and her unborn baby.

Fleeing the traveller camp that has been her lifelong home isn’t easy. But along with her sister in law, Kat escapes with just the clothes on her back and the one photograph she has of her parents.

Kat, along with her baby girl Lucia, starts to build a better life. But when she looks into what really happened in her parents’ death Kat uncovers dark secrets – including a revelation that will lead Kat back to the place she had been so desperate to run away from. Is she strong enough to uncover the truthand save everything that she loves most, or will Jimmy Denton have his revenge?

Previously published as Chasing the Traveller

What does TWG think?

This is dramatic, gritty, suspenseful and oh so addictive!

I wasn’t sure what to expect before I read ‘No Looking Back’, but I was excited to find out. Kat has exactly had an easy life due to the death of her parents when she was younger, and then finding herself being a human punch bag for her partner. But, as soon as Kat realises that shes pregnant, she finds herself making the biggest decision of her life.

The whole ‘will he find her’ had me fidgeting in anticipation. Whilst I would have loved Kat to have her happily ever after and walk into the sunset with her daughter and potential love interest, I couldn’t help but be worried for her. It’s clear that she knew what she was doing was dangerous, yet I applaud her for her strength in taking that all important first step to a new life.

‘No Looking Back’ isn’t just about Kat’s relationship and moving forward, it’s also about her uncovering things that she probably wished would have stayed covered. The element of suspense in this novel is through the roof and, even though the title of the book references no looking back, I couldn’t help but look over my shoulder whilst I read the book. I don’t know why, it wasn’t like anyone would be able to jump through my brick wall…but still. That’s what I get for being so invested in a book!

Alex Kane is such a well rounded, magnetic author who certainly knows how to write a storyline which grabs her readers by the youknowwhattys. I am SO looking forward to reading more from this author, especially if ‘No Looking Back’ is anything to go by!

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