#Review -Her Final Hour by Carla Kovach (@CKovachAuthor) @Bookouture


Melissa Sanderson is the perfect wife and mother. She dotes on her daughter, and lives in her dream home in a quiet cul-de-sac in the suburbs.

But looks can be deceiving.

Something is amiss in that house – all the neighbours think so. Some say Melissa is having an affair. Others say she’s been drinking too much.

Then one night, sirens wake up the whole neighbourhood.

Melissa Sanderson is dead.

What does TWG think?

‘Her Final Hour’ is book 2 in the ‘Detective Gina Harte’ series and, whilst it’s clear that I am ok to review books out of order (check out my review for the third book in the series, #BlogTour! #Review – Her Pretty Bones by Carla Kovach (@CKovachAuthor) @Bookouture), I actually have read the books in order. It isn’t completely necessary to read the books in the correct order, but be prepared for latter storylines to include snippets from earlier books, if you choose to read them in an order that suits you.

Gina Harte seemed to be the main focus of ‘Her Final Hour’ for multiple reasons, all which become clear at the storyline progresses. That said, there are plenty of other characters who make themselves known for their diabolical choices.

I have got to say that the prologue of ‘Her Final Hour’ is one of the most gripping and chilling prologues I think I have ever read! If I hadn’t already been hooked by the first book in the series, I can guarantee that I would have been gripped to choking point after reading the first chapter of this book. Seriously. Carla Kovach has such a unique writing style which she showcases phenomenally throughout this entire book.

There was a lot of this storyline which left my mouth as dry as the Sahara desert and as though my stomach was full of rocks – but as weird as this sounds, I welcomed my uncertain reaction to it because after all, I am human!

I thought the fact that Gina Harte’s personal life gets put under the spotlight in regards to the teams latest case, was very cleverly done as it allowed readers an insight to the Detective which we may not have seen otherwise. I won’t lie and say that the contents were easy to read, because they weren’t, yet it worked because its life and things like the events in this book, happen in everyday life.

If my heart rate was being measured whilst I was reading ‘Her Final Hour’, I reckon there would have been a high chance of me going overboard – I’m genuinely surprised that I remembered to breathe! Just….

‘Her Final Hour’ is a dark, spine tingling read which kept me prisoner from start to finish. A truly outstanding addition to a belter of a series.

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