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#BlogTour! #Review – My Name is Anna by Lizzy Barber (@byLizzyBarber) @arrowpublishing @Rachel90Kennedy #MyNameIsAnna

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I feel as though I’ve been waiting 475859483 days for my tour stop to finally be here (might be a SLIGHT exaggeration)! Can you tell I’m eager to share my review? Damn right I am, and I get to do that today! Many thanks to Rachel for inviting me to take part in the blog tour and for the ARC. Here is my review of ‘My Name is Anna’ by Lizzy Barber:

Two women – desperate to unlock the truth.
How far will they go to lay the past to rest?

ANNA has been taught that virtue is the path to God. But on her eighteenth birthday she defies her Mamma’s rules and visits Florida’s biggest theme park.

She has never been allowed to go – so why, when she arrives, does everything seem so familiar? And is there a connection to the mysterious letter she receives on the same day?

ROSIE has grown up in the shadow of the missing sister she barely remembers, her family fractured by years of searching without leads. Now, on the fifteenth anniversary of her sister’s disappearance, the media circus resumes in full flow, and Rosie vows to uncover the truth.

But will she find the answer before it tears her family apart?

What does TWG think?

‘My name is ANNA!’ Is it? Is it really?

Wow, this storyline did not disappoint at all! I won’t delve too much into how I digested the storyline so to speak, as I may end up giving something away unintentionally.

Reading about Anna’s life made my spine tingle as it was quite scary. It’s crazy to think that stuff like this actually happens in real life. I’m not saying that I will be rolling my daughter up in bubblewrap and fitting her with enough lights to rival the Christmas tree in New York, just so that I can see her, due to the contents of this story. No..its just every parents worry though, isn’t it?

‘My Name is Anna’ follows the journey of Anna, a young girl who is living the only life she has ever known, until one day something triggers her memory and snippets of 15 years ago come back to her. Why? Why now?

The book also follows the journey of another young girl, Rosie, and her family as they deal with the aftermath of their loved one disappearing off the face of the Earth. Surely someone must have seen them? Surely someone must know SOMETHING?!

It was quite hard to separate my emotions when the storyline switched between Anna and Rosie, especially as their situations couldn’t seem further apart if they tried. I mean, Anna didn’t know Rosie. She didn’t even know that Rosie’s sister was missing – it’s not like she was allowed to sit in front of the T.V. every day….her mother had very strict boundaries!

I loved how fast paced the storyline was – it kept me on my toes even when the storyline came across a little predictable. By the way, I don’t mean that the predictability was a negative thing as usually I would say that it would be, however Lizzy Barber made it seem intentional because the truth became clear early on in the book, yet it was as though us readers were the only one in on the secret. If that makes any sense!!

The conclusion of ‘My Name is Anna’ was very well carved out and fitted in with the aftermath very nicely. It was realistic, in keeping with the overall theme, and highlighted the fact that biology, in the grand scheme of things, means nada if the nurturing side is completely different. How could someone change everything that they believed in, just because that was intended?

Lizzy Barber has written a brilliant, brilliant novel which had me hooked from start to finish. If this is the strength of Barber’s debut novel, I eagerly await her second novel! A chilling, realistic, and addictive novel which gripped me tightly than ever before!

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About the author.

Lizzy Barber studied English at Corpus Christ College, Cambridge University. After ‘previous lives’ acting and working in film development, she is now the Head of Brand and Marketing for a restaurant group, working with her brother, a restaurateur.
Her debut novel, MY NAME IS ANNA, was the winner of the Daily Mail crime writing competition, and will be published in hardbook in January 2019 by Century, an imprint of Penguin Random House. The North American edition, retitled ANNA IN THE DARK will be published in December 2019.

She is currently hard at work on her next thriller. Lizzy lives in London with her husband, George, food writer and strategy consultant. They are expecting their first child in January 2019.

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