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#BlogTour! #Review – #AlaskanHoliday by Debbie Macomber (@debbiemacomber) @arrowpublishing @Rachel90Kennedy

I am so very sorry for the delay in getting this blog post up. It was meant to be part of the blog tour but for the last two weeks I have had, and still have, issues with my internet. I’m trying to clear the backlog of blog tour posts as quickly as I can, so do bear with me.

I am delighted to be finally sharing my review of Debbie Macomber’s, ‘Alaskan Holiday’. Many thanks to Rachel Kennedy for the blog tour invite and ARC. Here is my review:

An uplifting tale of finding unexpected love in the Alaskan wilderness from bestselling author, Debbie Macomber.

Before beginning her new job as sous chef at one of Seattle’s finest restaurants, Josie Stewart takes on a six-month position cooking at a lodge in an Alaskan lake town. It’s only temporary–or so she thinks, as she becomes a valued part of the local community, falling in love with the people who call the Klutina Lake home.

But one man, in particular, stands out among the rest of Josie’s new friends: an intriguing swordsmith whose very existence forces her to question whether her heart wants to return to Washington at all.

What does TWG think?

How have I not read a Debbie Macomber novel before? Well, until this one obviously! I think I even have several of her books on my shelves! After reading ‘Alaskan Holiday’, I am uberly ashamed with myself for not delving into the realms of Debbie Macomber’s mind before now. Seriously.

Set in Alaska (yes, state the obvious I know!), Josie has found herself becoming part of the community as she reaches the end of her temporary job cooking in the local lodge. Not only has she won the hearts of the community with her scrumptious plates of food, she has also won the heart of the local swordsmith, Palmer. Unfortunately for him, Josie has a life waiting for her back in Seattle as she plans to embark on the cooking career of her dreams. At what price though?

I thought Jack, Palmer’s friend was like a big kid in a sweet shop! Yes his personality was a little bit brash at times, but his heart was in the right place and I felt that he kept Palmer on the straight and narrow in a weird and wonderful way. It was pretty clear that Palmer had fallen head over heels in love with the local cook – was there any reason to be so arrogant about it though? I’ve heard that love can do weird things to people, granted, however Palmer seemed to take it to a whole new level!

‘Alaskan Holiday’ didn’t blow my mind as such, yet I adored the whole premise of the book and felt that the storyline was perfectly in sync with the characters and the paths which they had each chosen. I loved how the story wasn’t heavy which meant that I was able to zoom through it in one sitting.

‘Alaskan Holiday’ is the ideal escapist read for any time of the year. Even though it may be set in a place that is absolutely freezing, the level of romance throughout the entire novel is enough to keep anyone warm. This definitely won’t be the last Debbie Macomber read of mine, that’s for sure!

Buy now!

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