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#BlogTour! #Review – The Cornish Village School – Second Chances by Kitty Wilson (@KittyWilson23) @canelo_co

Huge apologies to Kitty Wilson for the delay in posting my review for her ‘Second Chances’, the second book in ‘The Cornish Village School’ series. I am playing catch up once again this evening! Many thanks to Canelo for the blog tour invite and ARC. Here is my review:

The Cornish Village School Second Chances Cover
Ex-ballerina and single mum Sylvie is in trouble. Juggling her ballet classes in
the nearest town, preparing shy Sam for his first day at Penmenna Village school and trying to finally move out from the farm she shares with her cantankerous Uncle Tom means life is anything but easy.

Television Journalist Alex is facing challenges of his own. Seeking a calmer environment for his newly adopted daughter, Ellie, he’s swapped reporting in war zones for the school PTA in quiet Penmenna, where his best friend Chase has persuaded him to start laying some roots.

Fireworks ignite when Sylvie and Alex meet but as Ellie and Sam become instant best
friends, will they be able to keep things strictly platonic for the sake of the children?

What does TWG think?

You have NO idea how relevant those fireworks are on the cover! Holy schmoly!!! If you’re after a novel which allows you to ignite a very well hidden passion, helps you realise that just because your heart has been broken once it doesn’t mean that it is guaranteed to happen again, AND makes you laugh out loud due to the sheer brilliance of the under 18’s in the book, then if I could I would shove this book right under your nose and go ‘THERE!’.

I’m sometimes weary about books which have a single mum as their main character because, more often than not, us single mums aren’t really portrayed in a positive light. Don’t get me wrong, there are clearly some out there who like their negative light and would do anything to keep it that way, but for those of us who like to think we aren’t doing so bad, books which show us negatively knock our confidence. Thankfully, Kitty Wilson didn’t do that at all and yes, I did breathe a gigantic sigh of relief!

Sylvie is a very hands on mum to her little boy, Sam. With ‘big school’ just around the corner, Sylvie does all she can to prepare her son for independence in a school environment when in fact, poor Sylvie is the one who needs to prepare as it doesn’t seem to sink in what Sam going to ‘big school’ actually means. Sylvie and Sam are used to life just them….until Alex comes to town. For such a shy boy, Sam hits it off with Alex’s daughter almost instantly, making Sylvie realise that her little dude is spreading his little wings!

Ohhhhhhhhhh, Alex’s daughter, Ellie, is a LEGEND! Omg, the things that came out of her mouth were absolutely brilliant! ‘Out the mouths of babes’ came to mind on more than one occasion! Honestly, I’m not even exaggerating! Ellie has such a powerful personality which puts a lot of adults to shame actually, and not because she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Well, the mind that she does have considering she is around the age of five! In actual fact, Ellie reminded me a lot of my little girl who is exactly the same age. It’s just the innocence which makes the things they shouldn’t say, end up seeming a lot funnier because they don’t fully understand what they’re spraffing. Anyway, I won’t ruin it for you, but definitely watch out for little miss firework!

I LOVED the first book in the series, ‘Breaking the Rules’, and ‘Second Chances’ is a brilliant addition. I was instantly hooked by the energetic yet thoughtful vibe of the storyline, especially as I was able to relate to the main character what with being a single mum myself. I thought that Kitty Wilson delivered her characters flaws in such a tender and relatable manner, and I felt that it actually added incredible depth to each individual character as well as the overall storyline.

I had everything crossed for Sylvie as I just wanted her to get the ‘happily ever after’ she deserved, so I am sure you can understand my frustration when the storyline did a bit of to-ing and fro-ing! Again, I won’t ruin it for anyone but this isn’t a case of girl meets boy and they live happily ever after. Not at all. ‘Second Chances’ is a book which may be fiction, yet is incredibly close to reality due to the actions and emotions of the characters. Life isn’t straightforward and I am so pleased that Kitty Wilson got that across in her story without making it as depressing as real life can actually be.

I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Second Chances’ and I believe that you will too – this book had me in absolute stitches one minute, with my heart soaring and having a mind of its own the next. A relatable, thought-provoking read which has characters anyone will fall in love with. Yes, even the not so great characters you’ll no doubt end up loving – Kitty Wilson just has that knack, and what a knack it is. I loved it!

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About the author.

Kitty Wilson lived in Cornwall for twenty-five years having been dragged
there, against her will, as a stroppy teen. She is now remarkably grateful to her parents for their foresight and wisdom – and that her own children aren’t as hideous. Recently she has moved to Bristol, but only for love and on the understanding that she and her partner will be returning to Cornwall to live very soon. She spends most of her time welded to the keyboard, dreaming of the beach or bombing back down the motorway for a quick visit! She has a penchant for very loud music, equally loud dresses and romantic heroines who speak their mind.

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