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#BlogTour! #Review – Lost in the Lake by A.J.Waines (@AJWaines) @Bloodhoundbook

She came at first for answers…now she’s back for you

Amateur viola player Rosie Chandler is the sole survivor of a crash which sends a group of musicians plunging into a lake. Convinced the accident was deliberate, but unable to recall what happened, she is determined to recover her lost memories and seeks out clinical psychologist, Dr Samantha Willerby. 

But Rosie is hiding something…

Sam is immediately drawn to the tragic Rosie and as she helps her piece the fragments together, the police find disturbing new evidence which raises further questions. Why is Rosie so desperate to recover her worthless viola? 

When Rosie insists they return to the lake to relive the fatal incident, the truth about Rosie finally emerges. Now Sam is the one seriously out of her depth…

What does TWG think?

Oh this is clever. This is very clever!

We have all done something and remembered not doing it, right? Like putting the washing on and not remembering that you did it….minor things like that. But here is the burning question; what would you do if you find out that something devastating happening while YOU were there, yet you cannot remember a single detail? What if you find out that you have no recollection at all? Nada. Zilch.

Wouldn’t you be scared? I would be petrified, especially as there is a chance that you would end up being one of the main focuses in the investigation.

A.J.Waines has done an impeccable job at creating some rather cracking tension. The entires storyline was laced with it – I feel as though I need a holiday to recover! Alarm bells were ringing for me where Rosie was concerned, not that I’m saying I thought she was lying (although there was a great possibility that she may have been), it’s just I had a strong feeling that she was keeping a lot under her hat. I don’t know, I couldn’t put my finger on what it was about that character exactly, but something was off, that’s for sure!

I thought the storyline was a bit of a slow burner in places, but due to the high levels of suspense, grit, red herrings and everything else, I wasn’t as bothered by the pace as much as I usually would be.

‘Lost in the Lake’ is a very cleverly written, highly suspenseful, intriguing read which left me feeling as though I couldn’t even trust myself. I cannot wait to read more in this series if the books are as good as this one!!

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About the author.

AJ Waines is a number one bestselling author, topping the entire UK and Australian Kindle Charts in two consecutive years, with Girl on a Train. Following fifteen years as a psychotherapist, the author has sold nearly half a million copies of her books, with publishing deals in UK, France, Germany, Norway, Hungary and Canada (audio books). 

Her fourth psychological thriller, No Longer Safe, sold over 30,000 copies in the first month, in thirteen countries. AJ Waines has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and The Times and has been ranked a Top 10 UK author on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). 

She lives in Hampshire, UK, with her husband. Find her books here and visit her website and blog, or join her on Twitter, Facebook or on her Newsletter. 

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