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#BlogTour! #Review – If You Love Me, I’m Yours by Lizzie Chantree (@Lizzie_Chantree) @RaRaResources

We have come to the end of the blog tour for ‘If You Love Me, I’m Yours’ by Lizzie Chantree! Thank you to RaRaResources for asking me to help close the tour, and a thank you for the ARC as well. Here is my review:

‘If you love me, I’m yours…’

Maud didn’t mind being boring, not really. She had a sensible job, clothes, and love life… if you
counted an overbearing ex who had thanked her, rolled over and was snoring before she even
realised he’d begun! She could tolerate not fulfilling her dreams, if her parents would pay her one
compliment about the only thing she was passionate about in life: her art.

Dot should have fit in with her flamboyant and slightly eccentric family of talented artists, but
somehow, she was an anomaly who couldn’t paint. She tried hard to be part of their world by
becoming an art agentextraordinaire, but she dreamed of finding her own voice.
Dot’s brother Nate, a smoulderingly sexy and famous artist, was adored by everyone. His creative
talent left them in awe of his ability to capture such passion on canvas. Women worshipped him,
and even Dot’s friend Maud flushed and bumped into things when he walked into a room, but a
tragic event in his past had left him emotionally and physically scarred, and reluctant to face the
world again.

Someone was leaving exquisite little paintings on park benches, with a tag saying, ‘If you love me, I’m
yours’. The art was so fresh and cutting-edge, that it generated a media frenzy and a scramble to
discover where the mystery artist could be hiding. The revelation of who the prodigious artist was
interlinked Maud, Dot and Nate’s lives forever, but their worlds came crashing down.

Were bonds of friendship, love and loyalty strong enough to withstand fame, success and scandal?

What does TWG think?

Right, let me just get this out of the way first – I did find myself struggling with the first thirty percent of the book as I couldn’t seem to find the all important ‘hook’. However, I have never known a book to go from an ‘okay read’ to a ‘finishing the book with the smile’ type of read, as quickly as this one did. And by golly it did! There are a lot of characters to keep track of in ‘If You Love Me, I’m Yours’, especially as they all seem to mould together throughout the storyline due to how each of them are linked. I didn’t get confused, but I did find it hard to remember who was who and where they fit in.

Once the story went over 30%, it was as though the characters came alive and the author got comfortable with her story, believing in herself and what she was trying to convey to her readers. I loved how completely black and white Maud and Dot were, as it highlighted the different walks of life we come across in our own lives, and how it is perfectly okay to be different. I realised that the story also highlighted how important it is to believe in yourself, and to try not to conform to other people’s perceptions when it comes to what you wear, or where you work. I thought that Lizzie Chantree did a brilliant job of putting that message across in her storyline. It is such an important message, yet it is also one that is incredibly hard to put into practice.

There was one character in particular who made me see red. I won’t say who, but if you have already read this book, I am sure that you’ll be able to work out who that is. As for soon to be readers, I’m not being vague to annoy, I am being vague as I don’t wish to say my opinion on something which could be considered a spoiler, nor do I wish to sway anyone’s opinion with my own blunt one!

Despite my initial reservations, Lizzie Chantree, Nate, Maud and Dot, won me over by the end and I couldn’t be more pleased. ‘If You Love Me, I’m Yours’ is such an energetic, charismatic, and poignant read which did in fact leave me with a massive grin on my face. I saw a lot of myself in Maud I must admit – I have always been made to feel as though nothing I do is ever good enough, and after years of the same old stuff being thrown at me, I cannot do anything except believe it as, shock horror, my confidence hit rock bottom. I guess I found those scenes with Maud to be quite emotional because of just how much I related to them, but I am glad that she was able to build up a support network. Some people aren’t lucky enough to have one of those. On a personal level, I want to say thank you to the author for incorporating several in-depth topics into her storyline. People don’t often realise just how deep their words can cut into others until it’s too late. Hopefully people take heed of what the author is trying to convey via Maud and Dot.

‘If you Love Me, I’m Yours’ and I may have got off on the wrong foot, but I can safely say that this book has been a pleasure to read, with a conclusion that was heartstoppingly….wow.

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About the author.

Award-winning inventor and author, Lizzie Chantree, started her own business at the age of 18 and
became one of Fair Play London and The Patent Office’s British Female Inventors of the Year in 2000.
She discovered her love of writing fiction when her children were little and now runs networking
hours on social media, where creative businesses, writers, photographers and designers can offer
advice and support to each other. She lives with her family on the coast in Essex.

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Author page

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  1. Thank you for being part of my book launch tour and for your review. I’m glad you enjoyed the book, found the characters relatable and that it left you with a smile in the end! Have an amazing week.


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