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Easing myself back into the office very slowly, as this evening I have the pleasure of hosting Kitty Wilson’s debut novel, ‘The Cornish Village School – Breaking the Rules’. Big thank you to Canelo for the blog tour invite and the ARC of the book. Here is my review:

The Cornish Village School
Rosy Winter is definitely not looking for love

Following heartbreak, Rosy has rebuilt her life in the beautiful Cornish village of Penmenna. Now, headmistress of the local school, she is living by The Rule: no dating anyone in the village. Easy right? But Rosy Winter has a new neighbour, handsome gardener Matt.

In Penmenna for his new gardening TV show, this guy next door will do everything he can to persuade her to break her rule and win her heart. Meanwhile, Penmenna Village School is threatened with closure and it’s up to Rosy to rally the local community and

Can she bring her worlds together and accept help from the most unlikely of sources? One thing’s for sure… she won’t be giving up without a fight.

What does TWG think?

Cornwall – a place I have never set foot in, yet I feel as though I know it extremely well given the amount of books I have read with Cornwall as its setting. It’s a very popular setting that’s for sure and, whilst I do seem to roll my eyes whenever I realise a book is Cornwall based, I nearly squealed in excitement when it became clear that Kitty Wilson made her characters the highlight of the story instead of Cornwall. Look, I have nothing against the place, I would just love to see more variation in settings. Seeing as this author put a different spin on the Cornish place we have all grown to love, I won’t hold the setting against her ;).

Rosy adores her little house, seeing it as a place of tranquility and her safe haven away from the PTA busybody at the school she is headmistress of. That is until one day, she comes face to face (literally) with a man who rather enjoyed blocking her car in the driveway, with a van full of his belongings for his brand new home right next to Rosy’s house. If Rosy was looking forward to keeping herself to herself after a hard days work, she’s got another thing coming, especially when her new neighbour seems to find any little reason to go knocking on her front door. The village seemed smitten with the new, local gardener, but Rosy wasn’t convinced – even when she realised that Matt may just be the answer to her prayers…

Keep your mind out of the gutter, I didn’t mean like that! Well, Rosy would probably be dreaming about Matt in that way, but that isn’t what I was insinuating. I think!

I adored Rosy and her looks that could kill. I saw a lot of myself in her, which made me laugh harder when Rosy seemed to plan people’s murders with her eyes alone. Such a fun, sassy, and bold character, I really don’t think I would ever get bored reading about Rosy and her antics.

Just like a lot of the female character population in this book, I ended up tilting my head to one side saying ‘awwww!’ when Matt spent time with the children from Rosy’s school. I’m not usually like that but it was cute, and no I won’t tell you why so if you wanted to know, you’ll have to pick up the book and read it!

‘The Cornish Village School’ was such a multi-layered, laugh out loud, heart-warming, and energetic read which kept me entertained with every turn of the page. I enjoyed how the author put a different spin on Cornwall, bringing its beauty into the description but not letting the setting take the shine away from the overall theme of the book. I suppose the other way of describing this book is by saying that it is a ‘feel good read’, because it is. It’s light-hearted with a hint of serious depth, yet incredibly cosy and guaranteed to keep a smile on your face.

I thought the characters were very well thought out, each with their own memorable personalities (some more than others!). Marion, whilst being incredibly over-bearing, nosy, and often quite annoying, ended up making me warm to her as believe it or not, she actually had a heart underneath the exterior of sticking her nose into everyone’s business. Who would’ve thought it, eh!

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed reading this gem of a book! The only downside for me was that I wanted more and I didn’t have any more, so if the author could rectify that spit spot then I would be rather happy haha.

Buy now!

About the author.

Kitty Wilson has lived in Cornwall for the last twenty-five years having been dragged there, against her will, as a stroppy teen. She is now remarkably grateful to her parents for their foresight and wisdom – and that her own children aren’t as hideous. She spends most of her time welded to the keyboard or hiding out at the beach and has a penchant for very loud music, equally loud dresses and romantic heroines who speak their mind.

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