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#BlogTour! #Review – Go To Sleep by Marion Adams (@Marion_Author) @RaRaResources

Sarahs Shadow and Go To Sleep
I gave my daughter the decision of choosing which book she would like me to review for this tour. She decided to choose ‘Go To Sleep’ by Marion Adams as it has a sheep – I hope that’s okay!

Go to Sleep - From Amazon
Tansy the sheep can’t go to sleep. She’s forgotten how to do it! But when she follows the barn owl’s advice and starts counting sheep, she realises that something is wrong … The award-winning bedtime story with a humorous twist that children will love!

What do TWG and Baby TWG think?

My 4 year old daughter hasn’t always been one for sleep. Once she gets into the land of nod, she stays there for a good few hours unless I end up leaving the bed. So, when I had the chance to read a book about sleep, I grabbed hold of it with two hands and was delighted to read it to my little girl. Here is what she thought of the book:

Baby TWG: ‘I like animals! The sheep has a really boofee smile! I can count already so I didn’t need to learn that. I was too busy looking at the doggy to actually go to sleep but mumma made me laugh when she read it to me.’

TWG: I thought the illustrations were beautifully done and incredibly eye-catching and, whilst I knew my daughter wouldn’t drop off to the land of nod straight away, I knew she enjoyed the story due to the animals and my over excited way of telling the story. Easy to read regardless of the age, I think this is a lovely story for children of all ages.

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Marion Adams has been writing for as long as she can remember, usually for fun and
sometimes for money as well. She started her career as an in-house copywriter with a publisher and now works as a freelance proofreader and editor. It’s her dream job because she’s paid to read all day (and eat dark chocolate). Over the years, she’s written all kinds of things for both adults and children, some serious and some less so, with published work including magazine stories, articles, poems, plays and non-fiction books.
Marion lives in Devon, UK, and when she’s not reading or writing (or eating dark chocolate), she loves going for walks on the wild moors where her picture book Go To Sleep! is set.

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