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I am SO excited to be kicking off a brand new month with a review of a book which blew my mind! Huge thanks to BloodHoundBooks for the blitz invite and the ARC. Here is my review of ‘Desperate Ground’ by LJ Morris:

Desperate Ground_Design_01

When the secrecy of a nuclear weapon agreement is thrown into doubt, a disgraced intelligence operative is recruited to find out if the deal is still safe…

Ali Sinclair, wrongly convicted and on the run from a Mexican prison, is enlisted to infiltrate her old friend’s inner circle and find the evidence.

The only people on her side are an ex-Cold War spook and the former Royal Marine that was sent to find her. Together they discover that the stakes are much higher than anyone knew, and the fate of the world is at risk…

But when you live in the shadows who can you trust?

What does TWG think?

I think I have found a new contender for my top book of 2018 list! What a mind-blowing, oxygen denying, high speed read! This review will be vague and short because I don’t want to give anything away, not even a smidge.

It’s not often I say this but after you have purchased ‘Desperate Ground’ and are getting ready to read it – turn off all phones, mute the children, mute the dog and put a ‘do not disturb’ sign on your front door so that you can enjoy every morsel of this book without any disruptions.

Ali is such a firecracker of a character, and the characters who run alongside her in the storyline are very complex and highly entertaining. Put it this way, the characters are matched to the storyline exceptionally well and for once, I didn’t actually dislike any of the main characters! I know, I know, I was as shocked as you.

‘Desperate Ground’ is the type of book I love to read, yet is one that if anyone asked me what types of books I enjoyed, I wouldn’t be able to describe it in fear of getting it wrong or not doing it justice. Hell, even my review won’t do this book justice and I am fully aware of that, but, I cannot stress this enough; YOU NEED TO GO AND BUY THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW BECAUSE IT IS F’AMAZING!

I knew early one in the story that I wouldn’t be putting it down until the very last page, and I didn’t. Yes, I read it in one sitting and I was absolutely devastated when it finished as I wanted more. I didn’t want more like the feeling you get when you want a new pair of shoes. No. I wanted more like the feeling you get after you take a sip of your very first coffee of the day. Not only do you want more, you need more. I need more of Ali Sinclair and friends, and I cannot wait to read more from LJ Morris.

What a fantastic book this is! I am quite willing to share my soap box with this book so that I can tell the whole world and its wife about it.

Buy now!

About the author.

L J Morris is an author with a love of books and storytelling that he developed as a child.

After a career in the Royal Navy, which spanned most of the 80s and 90s, he settled back in Cumbria and soon realised that an unsuccessful attempt to write a serial killer novel at the age of 12 hadn’t blunted his ambitions.

He started to write again and has enjoyed success with his short stories appearing in several anthologies. Although he still enjoys writing short stories, his passion has always been for thriller novels and he has spent the last few years following his dream of being a published novelist.


Website:          www.ljmorrisauthor.com

Facebook:        www.facebook.com/LesJMorris

Twitter:           @LesJMorris

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