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#BlogBlitz! #Review – The Next Girl by Carla Kovach (@CKovachAuthor) @Bookouture

The Next Girl - Blog Tour
I think today must be a Bookouture kinda day as I review yet another of their titles! For my second Bookouture post of the day, I have the pleasure of reviewing Carla Kovach’s ‘The Next Girl’, which is the first book in the DI Gina Harte series. Once again, thank you to Bookouture for the blitz invite, as well as the ARC. Here is my review:

You thought he’d come to save you. You were wrong.

How can someone vanish without a single trace?

Deborah Jenkins pulls her coat around her for the short walk home in the pouring rain. But she never makes it home that night. And she is never seen again…

Four years later, an abandoned baby girl is found wrapped in dirty rags on a doorstep. An anonymous phone call urges the police to run a DNA test on the baby. But nobody is prepared for the results.

The newborn belongs to Deborah. She’s still alive…

What does TWG think?

What are you trying to do to me! I began ‘The Next Girl’ whilst my nerves were still frayed from a previous novel, so it didn’t take long for my nerves to be completely kaput thanks to Carla Kovach’s latest! Not that I’m complaining, obviously!

What would you do if your partner went missing and isn’t seen for years? You’d be devastated, right? Maybe even trying to resign yourself to the fact that they may not be found and if they are, well, the chances of a pulse would be slim.

But, what would you do if there was a possibility of said partner being alive after all this time? Deborah Jenkins life hasn’t been the same for many years, and, due to the horrific behaviour of the person behind her disappearance, her life is never going to be the same again. Will Gina Harte be able to find her in time? Will Deborah’s husband be able to take her new found ‘extra baggage’ under his wing? So many questions, so little time to get the answers. DI Gina Harte, it’s down to you!

Right – there were a couple of things which I couldn’t quite understand the how’s and why’s for, BUT, seeing as the majority of the book was able to engulf me and take my breath with it, I was willing to let some of those technicalities slide. Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved more information to come to light surrounding Deborah’s disappearance, especially as the motive had a humongous red question mark looming over its head.

I couldn’t help but see some similarities between DI Gina Harte and other DI’s I have read about in the past in other books, yet I warmed to Gina pretty much straight away and found her to be a lot more ‘human’ for a DI. I think that there is a lot more to Gina’s personality, with us only touching the tip of the iceberg in this book. I am so looking forward to getting to know her character, as well as Briggs’ and Jacobs’, a lot more as the series progresses.

‘The Next Girl’ really gave me the heebie jeebies! The more the story progressed, the more I wanted Gina and her team to hurry up as, due to the split viewpoints of the story, I was of course reading about things that Gina and her team had no clue about. I actually think I may have shouted ‘move your asses!!’ as well, but let’s keep that between ourselves. Ahem!!

I love that this book is only the beginning of a series because I cannot wait to sink my teeth into another gritty read! I thoroughly enjoyed how fast paced this storyline was, as well as how complex a lot of the characters were. Even though I do wish that we had a little more of a back story regarding Debbie, ‘The Next Girl’ definitely kept the adrenaline pumping, with me crossing my fingers for a conclusion that Debbie deserved.

Roll on book two – what a fantastic way to start a new series! Carla Kovach has exceeded my expectations with ‘The Next Girl’, that’s for sure!

Buy now!

About the author.

Carla Kovach was born in Birmingham, UK and now resides in Redditch, Worcestershire. Author of supernatural drama ‘Flame,’ psychological thriller ‘To Let,’ crime thriller ‘Whispers Beneath the Pines,’ and holiday comedy, ‘Meet Me at Marmaris Castle.’ Carlaalso writes stage and screenplays, some of which have been produced in the Worcestershire area. Her feature film ‘Penny for the Guy’ is being made and is set for release in 2019.

Her latest book, The Next Girl, has been published by Bookouture. It is the first in the DI Gina Harte crime series.

  Author Social Media Links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CarlaKovachAuthor/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CKovachAuthor

Website: https://griffbuck.wordpress.com/

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