#BlogTour! #Review – Wartime Brides and Wedding Cakes by Amy Miller (@AmyBratley1) @Bookouture

Happy publication day to Amy Miller and ‘Wartime Brides and Wedding Cakes’, the second book in the series! I am super excited to be kicking off the blog tour today! Huge thanks to Bookouture for the blog tour invite, as well as the ARC of the book. Here is my review:

January, 1941: As Charlie Barton tiptoes silently out of the house one cold winter morning to go off and fight for his country, his wife Audrey is left to run the family bakery on her own.

Times are tougher than ever, but at the Barton Bakery in Bournemouth, Audrey is determined as always to serve the town with love, loaves and cakes, even as the town is reeling from the struggles of the Blitz.

Audrey’s brother William has returned from battle with serious wounds. His fiancé Elsie is waiting for wedding bells, but William is a changed man, and will her hopes be in vain?

Bakery helper Maggie has her heart set on dashing officer George. But will George still want to marry her when he discovers the truth about her family?

And Lily, Audrey’s stepsister, is struggling to raise her illegitimate baby and facing judgement from many in the town. The man who broke her heart returns with an offer, and Lily faces a hard decision about where her future lies.

When disaster strikes the bakery, Audrey fears that everything she has worked for may be ruined. With her shop threatened and her family in turmoil, can she fight to save everything she holds dear?

What does TWG think?

‘Wartime Brides and Wedding Cakes’ is the second book in the brand new series from Amy Miller, and I wholeheartedly recommend that you read the books in order as the second book refers to things which happened in book one which might confuse those who haven’t read the previous book. I was actually a little bit concerned when I began reading Amy Miller’s new book as it had been a while since I had read the first book, and I was worried that I would struggle getting back into the swing of the storyline after the break. I needn’t have worried at all – it didn’t take me long to fall back in love with Audrey’s world and everything it stood for.

Set in 1941, ‘Wartime Brides and Wedding Cakes’ has rationing and the blitz at the forefront of its storyline, and by golly is it an eye-opener. Seeing as I wasn’t alive during the war, nor was I a glint in my mother’s eye, everything I know about the wartime is what I have read. Whilst I fully appreciate that reading about what went on during the war isn’t as bad as actually living through it, or fighting in it, I still couldn’t help but be overcome with emotion at how quickly lives changed around Audrey. One moment a loved one is there, and the next its only their memory that lives on. I cannot even begin to imagine how people felt during those days, but I applaud authors like Amy Miller who write about such historical moments in time, in such a black and white and honourable way.

What I loved most about this book was how raw the storyline was. Amy Miller didn’t write her characters to pretend that they were fine during the war. No. She wrote them realistically, opening my eyes to such devastating circumstances, whilst also attempting to bring her characters joy by getting married to their loved ones. Okay, rationing meant that they had to be extremely careful of what they used, changing recipes to suit reality. Or, as my great grandmother used to say, ‘cutting their cloth to suit their means’. Audrey made the most of what she had and, whilst I know that she didn’t really have any choice, she still did it with poise, putting those she loved above everything else.

‘Wartime Brides and Wedding Cakes’ is a brilliant, second instalment in Amy Miller’s series. Heart-breaking, heart-warming and utterly divine, ‘Wartime Brides and Wedding Cakes’ is a book which is destined to make you see life in a different light. Whilst a lot of things in 1941 had to be rationed, Amy Miller shows that love wasn’t one of them.

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About the author.

Amy Miller lives in Dorset with her husband and two children. New to saga, she has previously written women’s fiction under a different name.
Amy is on Twitter @AmyBratley1

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