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#BlogTour! #Review – 66 Metres by J.F.Kirwan (@kirwanjf) @HQDigitalUK @RaRaResources

66 Metres Full Banner
As far as I am concerned, this author needs no introduction!! Here is my review!!

66 metres
The only thing worth killing for is family.

Everyone said she had her father’s eyes. A killer’s eyes. Nadia knew that on the bitterly
cold streets of Moscow, she could never escape her past – but in just a few days, she would finally be free.

Bound to work for Kadinsky for five years, she has one last mission to complete. Yet when she is instructed to capture The Rose, a military weapon shrouded in secrecy, Nadia finds herself trapped in a deadly game of global espionage.

And the only man she can trust is the one sent to spy on her… 

Book One of Nadia Laksheva spy thriller series

What does TWG think?

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I am a HUGE fan of J.F.Kirwan and this series. Now, usually I would suggest reading book serial’s in order and, whilst you can get away with reading the second book in this series BEFORE the first one (just like I did), I found that I was unable to enjoy the first book as much as I would have liked because I knew what was going to happen later on down the line. Make sense? Let me just clarify though, that it totally my error and in no way a critique of the author.

My stupidity aside, let’s just focus on the storyline itself – intense!! Never in a million years did I think I would adore a spy series, but I do! Yes, because my own stupidity with the book order left a bad taste in my mouth, I still thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was great to see how Nadia was in the beginning of the series, and she happened to be on the path that was going to haunt her for the rest of her life. I’ll say it again – INTENSE!!

The psychological element to this storyline was exceptionally clever. I never expected a lot of the things that happened as my mind was in such a head funk, I wouldn’t have even been able to tell you where I lived, never mind trying to work out where the storyline was going. I mean c’mon!!

J.F.Kirwan is a fantastic author, he really knows how to pull his readers in with his fast paced, chilling and devastatingly inviting storylines – you know you probably shouldn’t be head over heels in lust with this book, but you just cannot help it. In my eyes, that is an example of an author who knows his craft and knows how to use it to his advantage.

’66 Metres’ isn’t my most favourite of the three books, but it is still an enlightening teaser for what’s to come later on. If you find yourself enjoying this book, you’ll absolutely love the next book in the series.


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Author Bio

J. F. Kirwan is the author of the Nadia Laksheva thriller series for HarperCollins. Having
worked in accident investigation and prevention in nuclear, offshore oil and gas and aviation sectors, he uses his experience of how accidents initially build slowly, then race towards a climax, to plot his novels. An instructor in both scuba diving and martial arts, he travels extensively all over the world, and loves to set his novels in exotic locations. He is also an insomniac who writes in the dead of night. His favourite authors include Lee Child, David Baldacci and Andy McNab.

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