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#BlogBlitz! #Review – No Ordinary Girl by Cheryl Elaine (@CherylElaine15) @Rararesources

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It’s my turn on the third, and final day of the ‘No Ordinary Girl, blog blitz. Big thanks to RaRaResources for the invite, as well as an ARC of the book. Here is my review:

no ordinaryy
What started out as a night of celebration for Aimee soon turned into a nightmare. Snatched by cruel, sadistic monsters – the worst creatures mankind has ever produced – she’s thrown into a metal container, among other victims too frightened to make a single sound. The game-keepers force everyone to play. They deliver torment and pain in equal measure. Every hunter has their own agenda and reasons to maim and torture.

Detective Johnson is one step away from catching the killers. Wrestling with his instincts as a father to serve justice his own way, this is no ordinary case for him. Can he stop the vile sadists before they damage more young girls, as well as his own daughter?

Aimee’s ordeal within the compound brings her to the conclusion that she’s no ordinary girl. But can she hang onto her sanity long enough to escape? And will she find a different way to play?

This crime thriller will keep you riveted. It’s no ordinary story.

Warning – contains extremely graphic content which may be upsetting to some readers.

What does TWG think?

Oh my (*insert swear word here*) goodness!!!!! Before I go any further, please be aware that this book contains extremely graphic, violent and sadistic scenes. If you’re not a fan of highly graphic, non-consensual sexual violence, then this book is 100% not for you.

Right, now the warnings are out of the way, let’s talk about my thoughts of the book!

The fact that I don’t read blurbs, really did come back to bite me on my behind when I started to read ‘No Ordinary Girl’. I had seen people talking about it on social media, saying how it was certainly a different type of thriller to what they have read before. I didn’t take their views on board as I naively thought to myself, ‘nahhhh, it can’t be that bad!’. Do I wish I had paid attention to what other people were saying about the book? No, because my thoughts were right – the book wasn’t THAT BAD at all. Not in that sense anyway!

The characters were worse than bad – they were evil (well, most of them!). Despite being severely unsure of the book the more of it I read, I couldn’t even put it down. There were times where I thought I was going to be physically sick due to the disgusting actions of multiple characters, yet in a weird sort of way, that spurred me on to get through the book to find out what happened. Part of head kept shouting ‘put the book down, this is sick!!’, yet the another part of my head went; ‘OMG what happens next? Is everyone safe?’. I was torn, yet there was just something so disgustingly gripping about ‘No Ordinary Girl’, I had to see it through to the end.

I cannot believe how much attention to detail the author included in this storyline. I have to admit, I did question the authors’ sanity (no offence haha) as everything seemed so vivid. What on Earth was going through the author’s mind to write such vile scenarios? How the heck did she know about these sorts of things?! I am actually meaning all of this in a good way, just to clarify! Cheryl Elaine quite clearly has an incredible talent for writing – she certainly knows how to pull her readers in and never let them go! Bit like several of her characters as well!

Whilst ‘No Ordinary Girl’ repulsed me on various levels, it also took me prisoner with its clever, enigmatic and severely chilling storyline. Yes this book is the most graphic book I think I have ever read, but good golly Miss Molly – Cheryl Elaine has managed to pull it off one hundred percent.

‘No Ordinary Girl’ is one of those books where you feel like you should hate it due to what the storyline contains, yet you can’t help being gripped by it, bringing the book into multiple conversations afterwards (yes, I have done that!).

I am extremely impressed by Cheryl Elaine’s skills! This book went so far over the line it disappeared but, I have to admit, it was very cleverly executed (pardon the pun) and highly chilling. Am I weird for saying I really enjoyed this one?

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Author bio

Cheryl Elaine was born in Germany but moved to Northern Ireland as a young child. She then moved to Yorkshire where she spent most of her childhood and this is where she currently resides with her husband and 3 daughters. 

Cheryl Elaine is an avid reader and enjoys watching horror movies – the more gruesome the better! She enjoys travelling and socialising but also loves spending time at home with her family and her ever expanding menagerie which currently includes 2 dogs, a budgie, 2 fish and a rat called Rocky!

Website – http://www.cherylelaine.co.uk
Twitter – @CherylElaine15
Insta – cherylelaine15


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