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‘Believe in Me’ by Susan Lewis is due to be published on the 25th January.

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Leanne and her teenage daughter Abby have recently been forced to move from London back to Kesterley-on-Sea, to Ash Morley Farm where Leanne grew up. Leanne’s husband Jack, Abby’s father, killed himself over a year ago, and the pair is still reeling from the shock waves caused by the tragedy.

Also living at Ash Morley farm is Leanne’s mother Wilkie, who is a rock for everyone, and family friend Klaudia and her two children. Klaudia has to face the backlash of the xenophobic feeling post the Brexit vote and is on tenterhooks to hear whether she and her children will be sent home to Poland.

Hoping to move forward and mend the wounds her family has suffered, Leanne decides to foster a child. And when she’s told that Daniel’s father is in prison for murder, she hardly bats an eyelid. But as Daniel becomes integrated into the family, Leanne starts asking herself questions about his father’s conviction. Is he really guilty? With the help of friend and ex-detective Andee Lawrence, Leanne sets out to right the wrongs of the past.

What does TWG think?

Have you ever sat and watched a soap on T.V, wondering what it would be like if it got made into a book? Or even a movie? As weird as this might sound, I have and, funnily enough, ‘Believe in Me’ really is the book version of a soap opera. By the way – I mean that in a good way!

This book has a storyline which is jam-packed with drama, politics, family issues, secrets….you name it, it has it. Due to the fact ‘Believe in Me’ contains the topic of ‘Brexit’,   it makes the overall storyline extremely current. Not only that, ‘seeing’ people go through the aftermath of the Brexit vote is incredibly eye-opening and rather emotional. Even if you aren’t clued up on politics or are one of those people who doesn’t actually care, the strength of emotions carried by the characters in this book, really is enough to move mountains. If Sky News doesn’t make you sit up and take notice, Klaudia certainly will.

Despite the emotive and harsh reality type themes, I loved how complex and more-ish ‘Believe in Me’ was to read. I couldn’t help but gel with the majority of the characters as, even though they have personalities which are extremely colourful, each character comes across real and relatable.

I did find some parts of the book to be a little long-winded and quite heavy but, apart from that, I really did enjoy this book and I am looking forward to reading more from Susan Lewis in the future.

Thanks Penguin Random House.

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