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Today it’s TWG’s turn to host J.C.Macek III and ‘Cargo’. Huge thanks to Sarah Hardy for the blog tour invite and the ARC of the book. Here is my review:

J.C. Macek III - Cargo_cover_high res_preview
Over the years Anthony Peterson has amassed a fortune, numerous properties, a trophy wife and a reputation for ruthless business dealings. He is a man who is used to getting his own way.

But when Peterson wakes to find himself locked in a metal shipping container, with only a cell phone and twenty-four hours of air left, he begins to unravel.
Desperate to escape Peterson soon learns that there is more to the container than he first realised. And when the kidnappers call and demand ten million dollars, while threatening to murder and rape his beautiful wife if he doesn’t comply, Peterson must fight to meet their impossible terms or face being left to die alone in the darkness.
Why has Peterson been targeted?
Who are those responsible for his kidnap?
And will Peterson make out of the container alive?
Cargo is an edge of your seat thriller about the choices we make.
What does TWG think?

Sheeeeeeesh!!!! I am SO glad I didn’t decide to get some snacks to munch on whilst I was reading this book!! Don’t get me wrong, I like the graphic details in books now that I’m not so much of a wimp, BUT I think eating whilst reading the hardcore, graphic details of  said events in this storyline would be a little TOO much on my part!

Anthony Peterson likes to think of himself as a highly regarded businessman with a trophy wife to boot. Of course it doesn’t seem to matter to Anthony whether his business dealings are above board, or whether those dealings have a high chance of coming back too bite him on the backside. Since when has a businessman not thought of every angle? Surely people like Anthony would have put a plan in place to cover his backside should anything not go the way he had arranged? WELL, the moment Anthony Peterson woke up to find that his bed has been swapped with something metal, a lightbulb would have gone off in his head…..or so you would have thought…

At first, I felt so sorry for Anthony has I had no idea why he was trapped. What did he get so wrong? Who did he annoy so badly? But then, as the story progressed, my opinion of Anthony changed drastically. I started to see him in a completely different light as his life unraveled before his very eyes. The choices he had to make to keep his heart beating weren’t made the same good intentions as if someone like us had to make those decisions. Was Anthony thinking with his heart? Or was he thinking with his business mind? Either way Anthony was stuffed. Watching him realise that ever so slowly however, made for an exceptionally entertaining read.

Without giving too much away, there is more to this storyline than whether Peterson works out why he is being held hostage. All of the other characters involved in this story play their parts very cleverly as they, once again, show Anthony in yet another light. If you still feel empathy towards Peterson after the other characters have made themselves known, then I am impressed.

I found ‘Cargo’ to be a cleverly written, intense, dark, and highly graphic read which kept me hanging until the very last page. It’s not often I read a book which, once finished, has me staring at it thinking ‘what the falalala did I just read?!’ (and no, not in a bad way either). If you’re needing a bit of excitement in your life and don’t wish to get out of your PJS, then ‘Cargo’ is the perfect read for you!

Highly recommended.

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About the author.

He began writing at a very young age and launched his professional writing career after graduating from Louisiana State University with a BA in English Literature.

His first noteworthy professional writing was in the world of entertainment journalism. He became a movie, TV, book and music reviewer which soon expanded to film history columns and celebrity interviews. Over the years, J.C. has become known in his professional life for interviewing bands such as The Cult, Judas Priest, Faith No More, The Zombies, Bad Religion’s Greg Graffin, Aerosmith’s Joe Perry,  Queens of the Stone Age’s Nick Oliveri and KMFDM.

After writing literally thousands of articles, columns, reviews and interviews for multiple print and online magazines, J.C. published his first novel Seven Days to Die: A Jake Slater Mystery in 2016. He followed this success in 2017 with a collection of short stories and novellas entitled The Pretty Good and Pretty Representative Stories of J.C. Maçek III. This collection continues the hardboiled detective saga of Jake Slater with the new novella The Pestilence of Spring: A Jake Slater Mystery.

J.C. is also an actor, musician, director and film producer. His most recent film is [Cargo], produced by J.C. and written and directed by James Dylan. As producer, J.C. also took the commission to write the novelization to [Cargo] which will be published by Bloodhound Books in early 2018.

J.C. lives in Southern California with his wife, daughters and a veritable zoo full of pets. He is currently working on more Jake Slater crime novels starting with the thriller Hard Core and is looking to expand the mythos of [Cargo].

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