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I am so excited to be able to share my review of James Nally’s ‘Games with the Dead’, with you all today!! Big thanks to AvonBooksUK for the blog tour invite, as well as a copy of the book. The blog tour bus stops with me, TWG, today as I not only share my review with you, but an extract of the book as well! I hope you are as excited as I am!


Irish runaway. Insomniac. Functioning alcoholic.

Life is about to get complicated for DC Donal Lynch.

 When a young woman is kidnapped, Donal is brought in to deliver the ransom money. But the tightly-planned drop off goes wrong, Julie Draper is discovered dead, and Donal finds his job on the line – a scapegoat for the officers in charge.

But when Donal is delivered a cryptic message in the night, he learns that Julie was killed long before the botched rescue mission. As he digs further into the murder in a bid to clear his own name, dark revelations make one thing certain: the police are chasing the wrong man, and the killer has far more blood on his hands than they could even imagine.

What does TWG think?

Oh my goodness me, where has this author been hiding!! I am SO annoyed that it has taken me long to get stuck into James Nally’s ‘PC Donal Lynch’ thriller! That said, I realised whilst reading this book that there have been two other books in the series – HELLO BINGE READING!! I wasn’t even 60 pages through ‘Games with the Dead’ when I found myself online, buying the first book in the series! Seriously! I didn’t even put the book down to do that either – are you impressed?!

Just to clear up any concerns, whilst ‘Games with the Dead’ is the third book in the ‘PC Donal Lynch’ thrillers, I found it totally fine to be read as a standalone so do not panic if you haven’t read the other two books beforehand. However, if you’re anything like me, this book will hook you like fish before you’ve even had chance to make an imprint of your backside on the sofa.

At first I dislike PC Donal Lynch quite a bit. His arrogance rubbed me up the wrong way something chronic, and there were moments when I wanted to reach into the book, give him a good shake and go ‘GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR….’. But obviously, I didn’t. Clearly. I really did think his character would put me off reading anymore of the book but, weirdly enough, it actually did the opposite. Donal Lynch’s attitude seem to pull me further into the storyline because of my sheer curiosity. I wanted to know why Lynch was walking around with a stick up his….ahem, why he seemed to have an issue with the world, and why a brewery was his best friend. Despite Lynch’s shocking personal life, he seems to be exceptionally good at his job!

You are in for an absolute treat with this book. The storyline is incredibly complex and full of life (and death), it’s hard not to put yourself amongst the hustle and bustle, trying to work out the ifs, buts and whys of every scenario the storyline highlights.

‘Games with the Dead’ had me on the edge of my seat the entire way through – I absolutely flipping loved this book and I really cannot recommend this book enough. If you like fast paced, intense, complex and utterly chilling novels – James Nally might just be your ticket to an addictive new read. What a book!

‘Games with the Dead’ can be bought now in both e-book and paperback formats from Amazon UK.

Thanks Avon.

If you’re not convinced just yet, here is an extract from ‘Games with the Dead’. Enjoy!

Extract Six: Chapter 5, pp.40-41

My eyes are drawn to the far corner of the graveyard and a pair of all-business ravens.
They’re patrolling a candy-striped bundle under a creaking oak. As I get closer, I see it’s a
pink-and- white striped sheet trussed up with green cord. The sheet ends are tied together and stained dark. The rope winds about the package three times widthways and once lengthways.

‘Expertly wrapped,’ says Fintan.

‘Got anything sharp?’

‘Try these,’ he says, handing me the car keys.

I tear a strip in the sheet. The stench knocks us backwards. A black cloud of flies descends.

‘What is that?’ screams Ellen.

‘It’s Julie,’ I say, turning to her and, despite my best efforts, failing to suppress a smile. But what I’ve just smelled means I’m not responsible for her murder. ‘Looks like she’s been dead for at least twenty-four hours. Thank God,’ I sigh, shaking my head out of sheer relief.

Fintan leans in close: ‘I think we’d better make an anonymous call.’

We turn to see Ellen jabbing at her mobile phone.

‘No wait,’ I say, but she’s already spilling to a 999 operator.

I look at Fintan. ‘How the hell are we going to explain this?’

‘Games with the Dead’ can be bought now in both e-book and paperback formats from Amazon UK.



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