#Review – Christmas Promises at the Little Wedding Shop by @JaneLinfoot @HarperImpulse

Escape to Cornwall with this uplifting and feel good standalone novel from the bestselling author of The Little Wedding Shop by the Sea

There’s nothing more magical than a winter wonderland wedding but when photographer Holly North returns to the cosy village of St Aidan she’s determined to avoid romance and the festive season full stop. She’s doing one small favour for a friend’s wedding and then her plans involve diving under her duvet and avoiding any sign of Christmas cheer – and gorgeous but insufferable Rory Sanderson – for the rest of December!

That is until Christmas arrives at Brides by the Sea, Cornwall’s enchanting and most adorable little wedding shop. The champagne is on ice while mistletoe hangs from every nook and Holly’s friends at the shop are determined she’ll live up to her festive name.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and romance is most definitely in the crisp winter air with promises, proposals and Christmas kisses aplenty…

What does TWG think?

There really is something incredibly magical about Jane Linfoot’s ‘The Little Wedding Shop by the Sea’ series, yet if you were to ask me to specify exactly what makes this series magic, I honestly don’t think that I could pinpoint just one thing. As this is the fourth book in the series, I was a bit concerned that we had reached the prime of the storyline and all of the characters involved, in the previous book. Thankfully, I was one hundred percent wrong as this is a series which just keeps on giving.

You probably would have thought that with a name like ‘Holly’, Holly would be full of the Christmas cheer, right? Wrong. As far as that character was concerned, Christmas could be cancelled and she wouldn’t care one bit. But, seeing as the festive season is extremely busy where weddings are concerned, Holly can’t hide away from the Christmas cheer for too long.

Jane Linfoot’s ‘The Little Wedding Shop by the Sea’ series, reminds me of a good film – one that you could re-watch time and time again without getting bored with each individual element. Just like each of the books in this series. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book in the eyes of a different character as I was able to see a different side to each of the ladies who run the wedding shop, without feeling as though I was bias to their storyline if they were the main character.

Once again the storyline was jam-packed full of dramas, emotional situations, and enough heart-warming anecdotes to warm your heart faster than a coal fire. I loved the Christmas cheer which just seemed to ooze out of the pages, but most of all, I loved reading about the community spirit and the incredibly robust friendships. As daft as this sounds, a part of me became a little green around the gills as the author had written such amazing levels of friendships girls can only ever dream about. Well, if you’re a loner like me then yeah, you’ll be dreaming.

I really do hope that the series doesn’t end here! Another touching, majestic and beautifully written novel from the incredibly talented, Jane Linfoot.

Thanks HarperImpulse.

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