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#BlogBlitz! #Review – A Matter of Love and Death – Caron Albright @carmenratdke1 @Bombshellpub

This evening on my blog, I have a review of ‘A Matter of Love and Death’ as part of the blog blitz for Bombshell Books. Huge thanks to Sarah Hardy for the blog blitz invite, as well as the ARC. Here is my review:

Caron Albright - A Matter of Love and Death_cover_1

Adelaide, 1931. Telephone switchboard operator Frances’ life is difficult as sole provider for her mother and adopted uncle. But it’s thrown into turmoil when she overhears a suspicious conversation on the phone, planning a murder.
If a life is at risk, she should tell the police; but that would mean breaking her confidentiality clause and would cost her the job. And practical Frances, not prone to flights of fancy, soon begins to doubt the evidence of her own ears – it was a very bad line, after all…
She decides to put it behind her, a task helped by the arrival of their new lodger, Phil. Phil takes her to a night club, where she meets charming but slightly dangerous club owner Jack. Jack’s no angel – prohibition is in force, and what’s a nightclub without champagne? But he’s a good man, and when Frances’ earlier fears resurface she knows that he’s the person to confide in.
Frances and Jack’s hunt for the truth puts them in grave danger, and soon enough Frances will learn that some things are a matter of love and death…

What does TWG think?

Oh I just LOVE that cover!! So retro and so in-keeping with the overall theme of the book. Set in the 1930’s in Adelaide, Australia, Frances has the world and its wife upon her shoulders as she does everything she can to keep a roof over her mother and Uncle Sal’s head. Seeing as her job as a switchboard operator requires keeping any information heard from the callers, extremely confidential, Frances finds herself in a bit of a situation when she overhears something she would have rather have not heard. Does she risk losing her job by telling her boss what she heard? Or does she forget about it and pretend she never heard a thing?

It wasn’t until after I finished reading this book that I noticed it was being dubbed a mystery novel. Personally, I didn’t find that the storyline was overly mysterious and, even though it contained multiple ‘hush hush’ situations, ‘A Matter of Love and Death’ didn’t make me wonder who had done anything as I didn’t get the mysterious vibe at all. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the book, because I really did. I just don’t feel that the term ‘mystery’ is the right description for this book, but that is of course my own personal opinion. I did wonder whether I had missed anything though, as I couldn’t grab that particular vibe. I’m not sure whether I should be disappointed that I didn’t see this book like that, or whether I should just enjoy the book for how I interpreted it.

For me, ‘A Matter of Love and Death’ was touching, heart-warming and severely nostalgic. I’m really not a romantic at heart, but I felt that the storyline had a romantic feel to it, even if the main characters weren’t pursuing anything.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed most of Caron Albright’s novel. I did feel as though there were several storyline gaps along the way which, at the time, confused me a tad as I felt like something vital was missing. However, I enjoyed the 1930’s vibe and feeling as though I had travelled back in time from the comfort of my own home.

A unique, nostalgic and touching novel – mystery, romance or thriller, regardless of the genre, this book is guaranteed to be enjoyed by many.

Thanks BombshellPub.

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About the author.

Caron Albright fell in love with books as soon as she could read and never grew out of it. With one foot firmly planted in Fictionland ever since, she is moving from one adventure to the next (strictly on the paper of course).
She loves capers with feisty heroines, dashing heroes with a dangerous edge and thrilling locations and would gladly explore the world for the sake of research – preferably while tap-dancing, with a champagne glass in her hand.
Instead she spends her time in front of her keyboard, sipping herbal tea.
When she feels the need for a change, she switches to coffee and writing crime novels under the name Carmen Radtke.

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