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#BlogBlitz! #Review – Snow Light by Danielle Zinn (@DanielleZinn4) @BloodHoundBook

Busy day on TWG today! First up is my review of Danielle Zinn’s ‘Snow Light’ as part of the Blog Blitz arranged by BloodHoundBooks. Huge thanks to Sarah Hardy for the invite as well as the ARC.

snowlight FINAL tagline

When Detective Inspector Nathaniel Thomas encounters a man attacking a young woman in a local park, the DI is unable to save her. Out of guilt, Thomas quits his job at Homicide Headquarters and relocates to the tiny village of Turtleville, where he regains control of himself and begins to enjoy life again. However, a year later, all the guilt and shame of the park murder re-emerges when a local hermit, Ethan Wright, is murdered with an unusual weapon and left on display in the centre of the village. For Thomas the situation gets worse when DS Ann Collins, a colleague from his past, appears to help with the case. But things become complicated when the victim’s identity is put into question. Who is the victim? And why was he murdered? Thomas and Collins will find themselves trying to solve a highly unusual case and both may have more in common than they could have ever imagined.

What does TWG think?

One thing I love about reading books published by BloodHoundBooks is the fact I am able to read so many new authors, a lot of them producing books I probably wouldn’t have picked out for myself on Amazon. Why? Because I never really knew these types of books existed and you can’t really type random words into the Amazon search bar, hoping that you’ll be given a new style of book. I love that I am able to step out of my comfort zone by reading a lot of different genres. Especially this book.

DI Nathaniel Thomas is living in the past. After a previous case didn’t go to plan, Nathaniel was left feeling extremely guilty and in need of a fresh start. Whilst the idea of a fresh start was all well and good, it didn’t exactly turn out that way a year down the line. Faced with another murder and a case of mistaken identity, Nathaniel is thrown head first into the snow as he attempts to find the culprit. If DI Thomas thought that his fresh start was going to be easy, he was completely mistaken.

My first thought of DI Thomas and the murder was ‘WAHEYYYY welcome back!’! What a corker of a case to get stuck into eh! Of course DI Thomas attempts to be as professional as possible without bringing his past back into future, but when he gets told that a colleague from his past will be assisting him on the case, I really do think that he would have made yellow snow right there and then if he could have done.

I found myself rather engrossed in the developing storyline, especially when fingers seemed to be pointing to everyone in the village! How on Earth could I begin to narrow it down? I had absolutely no idea who the culprit was yet several characters seemed to be showing a lot more signs of guilt than others.

Whilst I was hooked on ‘Snow Light’, I did find some parts of the storyline to be a little slow. For me, I would have preferred it to be a little more fast paced as I felt that there were too many pregnant pauses. That said, ‘Snow Light’ did keep me guessing until the very end, with the conclusion stealing the show. Definitely a heart in mouth moment!

Thanks BloodHoundBooks.

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