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#BlogTour! #Review – Lonely Hearts by Gwyn GB (@gwyngb) @brookcottagebks


Lonely Hearts cover
Brings a whole new meaning to killing with kindness.

Meet Rachel. She loves animals and works at a dating agency bringing lonely people together – only somebody is watching her every move and she’s scared…

Neil didn’t see who killed him – but his murder brings DI Claire Falle on the case. What she uncovers leads her to discover that a serial killer is preying on the clients of the dating agency where Rachel works.

Can Claire work out the connection between all the deaths before Rachel becomes the next victim? And what is it in Rachel’s past that haunts her?

As DI Claire Falle investigates the lives of the dating agency staff and clients, she is pulled into a tangled web of loneliness and deceit which will have devastating consequences for someone.

What does TWG think?

New author – check.
Intriguing cover – check.
New book serial – check.

Not a bad start really, eh? Meet the new book serial from author Gwyn GB; a crime thriller set within a dating agency…believe it or not. We all know dating agencies as places to meet our potential new soulmate, and not a place where hearts are broken and no longer allowed to pump blood around bodies.

To be honest, I really didn’t know what to make of this novel to begin with. I mean, a dating agency and a crime thriller in one? I can’t say I have ever come across that before.  It did take me several chapters to warm to the theme of the storyline as there was so much information for me to digest and learn, before I was able to truly enjoy the book itself.

Firstly, there are quite a lot of characters involved in ‘Lonely Hearts’ which, in my opinion, is a mixture of both bad and good. Bad because I got confused as to who did what and when, and good because the ‘whodunnit’ nature of the book was more likely to be kept hidden longer than if the storyline contained fewer characters.

Once I felt that I was able to distinguish between each character and what their role was within the book, I was able to truly enjoy this unique storyline. I thought that DI Claire Falle was such a relatable character to have are the forefront of the storyline, even if she did come across as a novice a lot of the time, the fact she wasn’t afraid to tune into her own personal thoughts and feelings made me like her even more. She listened to her gut and was determined to follow through with what her gut was trying to tell her, even though people around her were less likely to jump on board the same idea.

Personally, I am so glad that this book is part of a series and that a second book will be released as that ending made me go ‘grrrrr!!!!’. I wasn’t ready for the book to come to and end, and when it did I felt as though I was left hanging. Whilst endings like that irk me ever so slightly, it has also made me more excited about the next instalment from author Gwyn GB. I’m just hoping it won’t take too long to materialise as I want to find out what happens next!!

Unique, addictive, positively gripping, and thoroughly entertaining; ‘Lonely Hearts’ is a shocking, rollercoaster read which will make you think twice about wearing your heart on your sleeve. I cannot wait for the second book in the series!!

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About the author.

Gwyn GB is a writer living in Jersey, Channel Islands. A native of the UK she moved to the
island with her Jersey-born husband, geriatric dog, two boys and goldfish.
Gwyn is a former national and international newsreader for BBC TV and ITN in London and Jersey. She’s also freelanced for national newspapers and magazines in the UK, once had her own magazine publishing business and has a PR diploma. She is currently working in the digital industry while writing in her spare time.
Gwyn is also the author of ‘Islands’.

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One thought on “#BlogTour! #Review – Lonely Hearts by Gwyn GB (@gwyngb) @brookcottagebks

  1. I don’t mind a cliff-hanger if you know book #2 is on its way and you enjoyed book #1 enough to want to continue with the series. But I was rather shocked to recently read a heated comment from a reader who bitterly complained that she felt cheated out of her money when the book had a cliff-hanger ending. To me it’s the sign of a good book/ story if you want to carry on reading.


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