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#Review – You, Me and Everything In Between by Helen Rolfe (@HJRolfe)

Lydia and Theo face the unthinkable when a knock at the door changes everything.

As Lydia begins to pick up the pieces, not every part of the puzzle fits together as neatly as it did before, and she finds herself stuck in limbo between her past and her future.

Theo and Lydia have a history together, but has too much happened to be able to forgive and forget?

What does TWG think?

As I’m sure you’re aware by now, I am a huge fan of Helen Rolfe’s novels – having read nearly all of her published novels bar a measly two, I think I could easily class myself as a super fan! Compared to the author’s previous novels; ‘You, Me, and Everything In Between’ is considerably different. Don’t get me wrong, it still has the authors trademark writing style, but the overall concept of the novel is certainly something I wasn’t expecting.

In a good way? I would say so, yes.
Did I start off with that train of thought? No, I didn’t.

Helen Rolfe’s new novel switches between different times and characters, rather frequently, sometimes going back in time, whilst other times going forward. I do find those style of books somewhat confusing, however, this novel wouldn’t have worked if it was written in any other way. And, seeing as the different points in time were pretty self-explanatory (I mean, the chapter even told you!), the switching was pretty much something I had to either like it, or lump it. Obviously I chose the first one…duuh.

I need to be extremely cautious whilst writing my review as there is so much that could be considered as a spoiler, and let’s be honest, one spoiler in a review ruins the entire book. I don’t fancy ruining anyone’s experience of ‘You, Me and Everything In Between’, I must admit!

‘You, Me and Everything In Between’ follows Lydia and Theo’s life through the good times, and the bad. As readers we get to ‘watch’ them both jump over hurdles which seemed to appear out of nowhere, ‘see’ them get in touch with emotions they had to learn about before they could show them, and stand by and watch them make life choices that could either break their whole family apart, or ruin their entire life. I usually want to be a character in a book, but honestly? I am so glad I am not in Lydia or Theo’s shoes.

Even though after reading several chapters I kind of had an inkling as to where the storyline was heading, it still managed to surprise me and stir up those godforsaken emotions once again. I mean really, I would like to keep my ice queen reputation intact through at least one of Helen Rolfe’s novels! Oh hell, who am I kidding. I know you shouldn’t pick sides in books (ahem), but there were many moments where one minute I was siding with Lydia, then the next I was siding with Theo. However, seemed to annoy me a heck of a lot. There was just something about his attitude that riled me. Circumstances aside, in my eyes he made his own bed and he should lie in it.

Of course, just like most people, I did have my hopes up for a certain conclusion to the book and I seemed to read the last chapter holding my breath, wondering how the novels loose ends were going to be tied up! It really was a close call!

Whilst I did enjoy ‘You, Me and Everything In Between’, it didn’t end up becoming one of my favourite books by Helen Rolfe. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the unique storyline and how the characters stood out in their own individual ways. I also loved how the author still managed to incorporate fantastic humour in a storyline which screamed emotional, as opposed to hilarity. Personally, I think that the novel could have had less predictability and more mystery. I liked the fact that Helen Rolfe seemed to toddle out of her comfort zone with this book, but I still feel as though the author has a heck of a lot more to give us in terms of ‘wow’ moments and shocking situations.

As always, I cannot wait until Helen Rolfe’s new book!

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