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#BlogTour! #Review – If You Could See Me Now by Keris Stainton (@Keris) @Bookouture

Absolutely delighted to be one of the hosts kicking off Keris Stainton’s blog tour today, on her publication day! Huge congratulations to Keris on the publication of her new novel, ‘If You Could See Me Now’. I am truly excited to be able to share my review with you today, thanks to Kim from Bookouture for inviting me on the tour!

Izzy Harris should have it all – but her boyfriend has been ignoring her for months, she’s been overlooked for a promotion, and the owner of her local coffee shop pervs on her every time she has a craving for a salted caramel muffin.

Then her life is unexpectedly turned upside down.

Izzy dumps her oblivious boyfriend, and leaps on the chance to win a big pitch at work. Needing to work closely with gorgeous colleague Alex is an added perk…

But then her best friend has her heart broken, the pitch is way more complicated than expected, and Alex is keeping secrets. Does Izzy have what it takes to help her friend, save her career and get the guy?

A funny, feel-good read about finding yourself – and love – when you least expect it, for fans of Joanna Bolouri, Cate Woods, and Lindsey Kelk.

What does TWG think?

Uhhhhh hellooooo swoonerific book cover!!!

‘If You Could See Me Now’ completely caught me off guard! I had no idea what to expect before I read the book, yet what I got wasn’t at all what I expected! That make sense? I absolutely LOVED this book! The storyline is so unique and incredibly refreshing, my mind kept thinking ‘HALLELUJAH’ the entire way through! FINALLY something completely different!!

Without giving away too much, Izzy’s boyfriend is an absolute BLEEP!! What a twonk! How anyone in their right mind can go through life believing that actions like that are acceptable, realllyyyyy need to re-evaluate their mindset. Seriously! The need for girl power is rather evident in this storyline, thank goodness Izzy has such a good best friend.

About half way through the book, the storyline decided to take a surprising (but incredible) turn which changed my opinion of the novel completely. In a good way that is. Usually I would say that changes (such as the one in this novel), are a tad outlandish, but it wasn’t. Not at all. It actually worked. Understatement of the year actually…it worked brilliantly.

‘If You Could See Me Now’ has such a heart-warming, and eye-opening underlying message about learning to be true to yourself and realising your worth. Coming from an Elsa impersonator, the message actually caught me in the feels, no joke. The way that Izzy had been living her life prior to the big change in direction, was extremely relatable to my own personal journey. I think that’s why I became quite emotional in all honesty.

Not only does Keris Stainton’s novel contain in-depth topics and romantic antics, it’s also filled to the brim with such fantastic and snort worthy humour. I laughed at things I never would have laughed at before, and you know what? It felt so flipping good to be able to do that thanks to a novel, I felt as though I was on cloud nine.

This storyline may dip its toes into discovering whether certain characters stay grey, or whether they turn rainbow, but the book itself does not blend in with the crowd at all. This baby has made itself known. It’s made me sit up and take notice. It’s been the book to make me think ‘I WANT TO BE MULTICOLOURED!’ instead of blending in and staying quiet. This book is a genius. No, wait; Keris Stainton is the genius and this book is her protegé.

Fun, flirty, and effing fabulous; ‘If You Could See Me Now’ is the most refreshing book I have read this year so far. I love it.



I absolutely-totally-completely-bloody LOVE IT!

Thanks Bookouture.

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About the author.

Keris lives in Lancashire with her husband and two sons. She’s written a bunch of books for young adults and children, and is obsessed with Twitter, tea, and 1D.

Instagram // Twitter // Website

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