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#BlogTour! #Review – Say My Name by Allegra Huston (@allegrahuston) @HQStories

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Say My Name is a dazzling debut about a highly-charged and very sensual affair. Skilfully crafted, original and beautifully written, I loved it!’ – Santa Montefiore

‘This is the time to run away, she thinks, to call it a mistake, to race back to home and safety. If I don’t go home I will never feel safe again.’

On meeting Micajah Burnett, the son of an old school friend, Eve Armanton is faced with a choice. Years of a miserable marriage means she’s as broken as the beautiful antique violin she’s just found, and Micajah offers a spark of life, an opportunity to reawaken her sense.

If Eve takes a leap into this new world, she’ll be leaving behind her old self for good. Her happiness depends on forging a new life, but at the end of her journey who will Eve have become?

What does TWG think?

I knew straight away that ‘Say My Name’ would be a unique read, just take a look at that cover! The only reference I have to the title ‘Say My Name’ is from the song by Destiny’s Child, it’s quite clear that Allegra Huston is a lot more unique with her style of writing than Destiny’s Child are with theirs!

Whilst the cover reveals no secrets, requiring the reader to unwrap every single page as though it were a present, it seemed to raise my intrigue level exceptionally high. What was the cover hiding? I had to find out.

‘Say My Name’ explores the incredibly popular topic of moving on with your life, attempting to re-find the happiness you once lost, all whilst being aware of the personal losses that could occur. Eve isn’t happy in her marriage and, if she were to lay her cards on the table, she would admit that she hasn’t been happy for a while. Now, thanks to a new bunch of testosterone, Eve can take a chance with her life and jump out of her comfort zone. The thing is, does she want happiness enough, to go and do that? Is she able to say goodbye to the life she has grown accustom to? Or if she didn’t, will she end up being seen as a martyr? The world is her oyster, and her life is her journey; Eve needs to decide, and soon, before it’s too late.

There’s a particular line from the book which made me stop reading as soon as my eyes flickered over it;

“Do you really think it’s possible to have love without hurt?”

Such a simple question, yet it warrants such heart-breaking answers. How many readers will be on Eve’s side? How many readers will think Eve to be selfish?

Honestly, I don’t think that I can answer that, even now. There were moments when I was on Eve side’s and could see the situation from her point of view, but then there were times when I was sitting on the fence as Eve’s situation seemed to amplify when the moment suited her.

Allegra Huston has such an enchanting way of telling a story, I loved the way that the author was able to pull me into the storyline just by using a few select, yet beautiful, words.

‘Say My Name’ is such a unique and memorable read which has the capability to let you look at life from the outside, instead of inside. Allegra Huston certainly knows how to captivate her readers by taking them on a journey of a lifetime. That said, whether I was completely invested in Eve’s world, or whether I was merely on the fence, still remains unanswered.

Thanks HQ.

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