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@DavidVidecette #Takeover Post 2 – #Review – ‘The Detriment’ @The_Detriment


David Videcette is taking over TWG today! Well, indirectly! Does this mean I can put my feet up? No? Damn it, worth a shot! This morning TWG decided to interrogate the author of ‘The Theseus Paradox’ & ‘The Detriment’, and if I do say so myself – it was such fun! In case you missed it, you can check it out here:
@DavidVidecette usually does the interrogating, but now it’s TWG’s turn! #AuthorInterview

As promised I now bring you my review of ‘The Detriment’, enjoy!


“The truth costs nothing, but a lie can cost you everything…”

June 2007: a barbaric nail bomb is planted outside a London nightclub, a spy is found dead in his garden, and a blazing Jeep is driven into Glasgow airport. Three events bound by an earth-shattering connection that should have remained buried forever.

From the author of ‘The Theseus Paradox’, the smash-hit 7/7 thriller based on true events, comes the sequel about a real-life mystery that threatens to destroy a nation. Detective Inspector Jake Flannagan must uncover how a series of astonishing events are inextricably linked, before the past closes in on him.

We all have secrets we say we’ll never tell…

What does TWG think?

‘The Detriment’ is David Videcette’s second novel which, just like his first novel, is based on real life events. Trying to differentiate between the real facts and the authors fictional work, is incredibly difficult. In my eyes, that just proves how consistent and realistic the author’s plot actually is.

Detective Inspector Jake Flannagan is a bit of a live wire. He has the knowledge, but he doesn’t quite understand the correct processes to be able to use his knowledge in the right circumstance. Put it this way, if Flannagan has a hunch, Flannagan will walk to the end of the Earth to ensure that justice is prevailed. Not all of Flannagan’s colleagues agree with his worth ethic, especially as it seems to ruffle a few feathers! After all, Jake Flannagan is a law unto themselves! Whilst reading ‘The Detriment’, I tried to see things from all different angles. I’m not inspector, granted, but I wanted to see if I could engage in the storyline in a completely different way by seeing each situation from all sides. Including Jake’s. Whilst I could appreciate the frustration that was coming from Jake’s team, I could also understand why he went about things in a certain way. Nobody could ever say that that man isn’t passionate about his job. Ever.

As for the events that unfolded, my poor heart couldn’t keep up with the sheer level of intensity! There were moments where I found myself so engrossed in certain parts of the investigation, my heart was close to pounding out of my chest. As readers, we are drip fed pieces of information at the same time the force are so it’s like we are investigating the events with the team, which I absolutely loved! I felt quite important…sad to admit I know, but oh well! Having said that, seeing as I was so engrossed in the moment, I ended up teetering on the edge of the sofa shouting ‘MOVE IT!!!’ whilst I was reading the bomb information. Just like Jake Flannagan at that time, I had absolutely no idea what was going to happen. My instinct was to shout move…so I did. It didn’t seem to matter that A) I wasn’t actually IN the book, and B) nobody could hear me and it wouldn’t have made the blindest bit of difference. Yet I still did it.

I’m not going to lie, I tried to decipher the truth from the fiction, but seeing as the author has written the entire plot with such tenacity, every single situation and event seemed real to me. I remember seeing certain things on the news when they happened, similar to certain events in this novel, yet when I sat reading about those horrific incidents in black and white, I kept thinking to myself ‘did I see that on the news too?’.

In all honesty, I could have carried on reading ‘The Detriment’ long after it had finished. I hadn’t prepared myself for the book to end, and in actual fact, I didn’t want it to. I was involved, I was engrossed and I was in awe at the entire novel. Pardon the pun but it blew me away.

This book is severely intense. It’s severely hair-raising. It’s severely nail-biting. It’s severely unbreakable. Ever since I finished reading ‘The Detriment’, I haven’t found another book that matches up in the same way since. Yes, David Videcette’s book has given me a chronic book hangover.

In my eyes, ‘The Detriment’ is unmissable. An outstanding portrayal of such devastating incidents, all written with enough power to make you sit up and listen.

Absolutely fantastic, my most favourite book of 2017 without a doubt.

Thanks DV.

Buy now from Amazon UK

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