#Review – Love on the Rocks by Emily Anne Brandon (@emilyabrandon) #summer

emily brandon

What happens when a Hollywood star unexpectedly rocks up in a sleepy seaside village in Scotland?

Fiery redhead Lexy was left shocked and guilt-ridden by the tragic death of her parents seven years ago. Seven years later she is still struggling to move on, and her only steady relationship is with her one true love – Brian, the border collie.

Clay Gable is weary of the demands of fame and has fled from the Hollywood hills to the tiny Scottish village of Whitehorse Bay – a delightful place he remembers from a wonderful childhood summer many moons ago.

When their paths cross, Lexy helps Clay blend in to village life, while Clay encourages Lexy to leave her unfulfilling job and chase her dream of becoming a bona fide artist.

Meanwhile, Lexy’s ex, Jamie, is acting strangely and appears to have a secret from everyone.

Can Lexy help Jamie deal with his dark secret? And is charismatic Clay Gable the one to bring Lexy’s defences crashing down?

What does TWG think?

Finally got round to reading Emily Brandon’s summery read! It was so lovely to read a book that was set in Scotland, with places I had actually heard of! Okay, a lot of people will have heard of Edinburgh but still!

I’m going to be extremely honest here, I can’t work out how to phrase it any differently. -breathes-. Clay/Tom, whichever name he has chosen to go by today, is an absolute bellend!! He annoyed me straight away with his suffocating personality, as well as his extremely cringey offerings which seemed to fall out of his mouth at lightening speed. I’m not even being over the top!! He was though! The stuff that came out of his mouth was truly outrageous, if a bloke spoke to me like that I would have told him where to go – friend or not! Whilst I loved Lexy’s character, I did find her naivety a bit annoying. For someone with a firecracker temper, she seemed to let ClayTom get away with murder. So many times I felt like shouting ‘STAND UP FOR YOURSELF AND TELL HIM TO GO AND DO ONE!!’. But she didn’t.

Brian, Lexy’s collie, is most definitely the star of the show. It was sweet seeing Lexy so in tune with him, despite her own trust issues with human beings.

I actually really enjoyed ‘Love on the Rocks’! The storyline wasn’t too pressing which meant that I was able to sit back and relax, without wondering whether my brain cells will get tested to the limit! There were so many weird and wonderful characters in Whitehorse Bay; it kept the vibe of the storyline fresh and entertaining. Well, excluding ClayTom, he just annoyed me.

About three-quarters of the way in, the book went from calm and serene to shocking and heart breaking, within a matter of moments! Poor Angus! I actually found myself tearing up as I was reading his circumstances. Absolutely heartbreaking. Even with situations like that, Emily Anne Brandon still managed to make me laugh, as well as keeping the momentum going, regardless of what unfortunate event seemed to crop up.

Aside from Brian, I did choose another character as a favourite; Jamie. Why helllooooooo!!!! His character was described to perfection and phwoar! If only a guy like that crossed my path! No wonder the female population of the village couldn’t tear their eyes away from him. Don’t get me wrong, he was such a grumpy character yet for him, it seemed to work as he managed to ooze the likability factor as well. I would love to see more of him in future novels as I reckon he has another side to him that us readers haven’t been able to see yet.

‘Love on the Rocks’ was such a light, humorous, and easy read. It flowed really well and kept me thoroughly entertained from start to finish. The only thing that let the book down for me was ClayTom. There’s being a horrible character, and then there’s just being an asshat. I could see why he was put into the storyline, and I could see how his character being part of the book ended up benefiting certain characters. However, there were a couple of moments where I felt ClayTom took it too far, and Lexy didn’t react to those in the way that I thought she would. I felt that she needed to and it would be more consistent to her character if she had.

That said, if I ignore that ClayTom existed for the majority of the book (soz!), then I wouldn’t have any issue whatsoever with ‘Love on the Rocks’. It was different. It was funny. The author described the setting absolutely beautifully, so much so that I ended up daydreaming about Lexy’s favourite painting spot. As daft as this sounds, it had quite a calming effect on me.

Emily Anne Brandon has such a unique writing style that it’s quite difficult not to fall under her spell because of it. ‘Forget all your troubles c’mon get happy’ is the easiest way for me to sum up my feelings of this book. It really is pocket-sized happiness at the tips of your fingers. Next book please!!

Thanks to Emily Brandon.

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