#CoverReveal! Are you a @ChristieJBarlow fan? You may want to look at this!! @HarperImpulse

Weekly Wrap Up! (1)
Waheyyyyy it’s cover reveal day!!!!

So, some of you may know of a certain author who has the same surname as a rather dashing pop star.

Some of you may also know of this author because she wears a shiny book crown whilst reviewing for Mama Life magazine.

Although, some of you may know her by her adventures! After all, she has had some misadventures as a playground mother (who hasn’t, right?!), her Kitty decided to go on a countryside dream (lucky Kitty), then her alter ego, Evie, had the bright idea of skipping a year and taking chances instead. This was all before taking the author too themselves off on a Christmas escape as someone called Lizzie! -breathes-. This woman never stops! She is even going on a cosy canal boat dream in August!

No, really, she is. She has also invited all of you guys too….you only need to bring your kindle and approximately £1.99 (subject to change). Who’s up for it?!?!

You ready?

You steady?




I LOVE her books!!! This little beauty is ready to be pre-ordered now, so off you pop and pre-order it ready for your hollibobs!!

Pre-order now!!


Weekly Wrap Up! (1)


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