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After growing up with Fern Britton as one half of the ITV ‘This Morning duo, I am incredibly honoured to be part of her blog tour for her new book, The Postcard. For my stop today I will be sharing my review of ‘The Postcard’. Big thanks to Harpercollins for inviting me to be involved in this blog tour!

the Postcard

The new witty and warm novel from the Sunday Times best-selling author and TV presenter, Fern Britton.

Secrets. Sisters. The summer that changed everything . . .

Life in the Cornish village of Pendruggan isn’t always picture perfect. Penny Leighton has never told anyone why she’s estranged from her mother and sister. For years she’s kept her family secrets locked away in her heart, but they’ve been quietly eating away at her. When an unwelcome visitor blows in, Penny is brought face to face with the past. And a postcard, tucked away in a long-hidden case, holds the truth that could change everything.

Young Ella has come back to the place where she spent a happy childhood with her grandmother. Now she’s here to search for everything missing in her life. Taken under Penny’s broken wing for the summer, the safe haven of Pendruggan feels like the place for a fresh start. Soon, however, Ella starts to wonder if perhaps her real legacy doesn’t lie in the past at all.

What does TWG think?

I need to confess something. I am actually quite disgusted with myself. Promise you won’t hold it against me?


Until ‘The Postcard’, I had never, ever picked up a Fern Britton novel. I don’t even have a good reason why either! It isn’t like she’s a brand new author either, I mean, at least five years of novels, and I still didn’t pick one up? I hope Fern Britton and Harpercollins forgive me, sniff.

‘The Postcard’ is set in the incredibly popular place of Cornwall, and I’ll be honest, I feel as though I could write my own book on Cornwall itself, due to how poular that particular setting is in the bookworld this year. Yes, there has been that many. However, the setting of ‘The Postcard’ didn’t bother me this time as it wasn’t the main focus of the storyline. Instead, it was a rather beautiful addition and the author had let the characters do the talking, as opposed to everything being centred around Cornwall. Don’t get me wrong, it does sound like a beautiful place! I loved how Fern Britton used the setting to add depth to her storyline instead of making it the main focus.

Penny Leighton’s life isn’t as calm and serene as she would have liked. I mean, whose is? New baby, busy husband, issues with work, as well as her well guarded past coming back to haunt her; it’s enough for anyone to deal with at one time, let alone a vicars wife! For me, Penny is the type of character that a lot of readers would be able to relate to in many ways. Not only does Penny deal with a lot of stresses at once, her life unfortunately decides to turn down the ‘misunderstood’ road. Fern Britton has handled Penny’s situation in such a sensitive yet realistic manner, including the reactions of those close to Penny, which were quite hard to read. I say hard, the were written well, but if, like me, you relate to Penny and her life, you might find the reactions of those close to her hard to read as well.

There are a lot of characters to keep tally of in this storyline, especially as it switches between a couple of them and you have to remember who’s who. For example, Ella. She’s come back to Pendruggan to savour her childhood memories, yet she quickly became a well-loved character of mine. Even though certain things regarding Ella, and her brother, irked me.

Before I began ‘The Postcard’, I had absolutely no idea what to expect as I hadn’t read one of Fern Britton’s novels before. I was rather excited as I have grown up with her on television, but I wasn’t sure whether her cosy personality would shine through the novel or not. I needn’t have worried though, the entire novel has the authors stamp on it; cosy and warm. Between the two ladies, Penny and Ella, I found myself more engrossed in Penny’s as it seemed that the storyline was more focused on her life, as well as her past. Without giving anything away regarding Penny’s past, let me just say that the unwelcome visitor annoyed me in many ways. So much so, I became rather emotional and defensive where Penny was concerned. How daft is that?

I thoroughly enjoy ‘The Postcard’, except for one part. After I finished reading the book I went scouring on Twitter to see if I could see anything about a next book. Luckily, I found what I was after, but, if I hadn’t, I would have been pretty miffed. Which part annoyed me? The ending. Thankfully there will be another book but when I had closed the book, I had no idea of that, so I have to admit that I was rather annoyed. Sorry!

Overall, I thought that Fern Britton’s novel was the perfect novel to cosy up with and escape into. I loved how there was more to the storyline than the cover seemed to suggest. All of the characters were very three-dimensional and extremely unique, each adding something rather special to the overall storyline. The setting, as you know, pleasantly surprised me and I will hold my hands up and say that. But, if I had to choose what I loved most about Fern Britton’s novel, it would have to be how relatable the storyline was. I became quite emotional at the poignancy of those parts, as they were written incredibly beautifully and realistically. They made me realise that it was okay to admit that you weren’t okay. They made me realise that faking happiness isn’t the answer. They also made me realise how fragile our hearts are, and how the smallest things can fix them in minutes.


Big thanks to Harpercollins.

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About the author.

Fern Britton is the highly acclaimed author of five Sunday Times bestselling novels: A Seaside Affair, The Holiday Home, Hidden Treasures, New Beginnings and A Good Catch. Her books are cherished for their warmth, wit and wisdom, and have won Fern legions of loyal readers. Fern is likely best known for her years co-presenting ITV’s flagship daytime show This Morning with Philip Schofield. An iconic presenter, she is also hugely popular for her earlier hits like Ready Steady Cook, and All Star Mr and Mrs, as well as being a much-loved contestant in 2012’s Strictly Come Dancing. She recently presented The Big Allotment Challenge for BBC2 in 2014 and again for its second series in 2015, as well as For What It’s Worth, an antiques-based quiz show on BBC1.

Fern lives with her husband, Phil Vickery, and her four children in Buckinghamshire and Cornwall.   To find out more, connect with her @Fern Britton and facebook.com/officialfernbritton.

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