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Day two of the blog tour is here!! Delighted to be today’s stop on Sian O’Gorman’s blog tour for her brand new book, Always and Forever. I only feels like yesterday that I was revealing the book cover for her and Aria Fiction! My word, how time has flown! Sian’s novel has intrigued me from the moment I laid eyes on the cover, which makes me even more glad to be able to share my review with you!! Enjoy!


How can you find yourself again, when you can’t face what you’ve lost?

Joanna Woulfe is looking to get her life back on track after her husband John leaves their family home. Once a high-flying PR Director, Jo now looks after her son Harry and seeks support only from her mother Marietta and her best friend Nicole. But Nicole’s own marriage is facing its greatest ever crisis, and Marietta, too, is distracted by the reappearance of an old flame, ex-Showband-singer and lothario Patrick Realta.

Soon Jo enrols with a colourful local amateur dramatics group and begins a flirtation with the handsome young Ronan Forest. But is she really ready to move on from her old life – and from her years of marriage to John? And what was it that happened three years ago that sent the couple into free-fall?

Before long Jo will realise that is only by looking back that she will ever truly be able to move forward…

What does TWG think?

I’m not going to lie, I had absolutely no idea what to except with this book. Personally, the cover gave nothing away, and seeing as I don’t read blurbs, I began the book without even a hint of information.

By golly wasn’t I glad about that…

I am SO glad that the cover didn’t give anything way! The entire storyline was full of surprise, after surprise, after shock; if you think you’re getting a light-hearted novel due to the colourful cover, think again. Don’t get me wrong, the storyline was hilarious and had some rather questionable (but brilliant) characters for even more entertainment. However, a lot of the plot was deep and meaningful as well. There were times where I struggled to keep up with the ongoing dramas and shocking situations as there was a lot of information to take in. Not only that, as soon as I was able to digest one shocker, another one took its place almost immediately! Before you start thinking that I am stating negatives here, I’m not. Having a storyline which contains drama, shocking situations and even hilarity, can be quite rare. If done ‘correctly’ it can be a wonderful read.

Thankfully, I thought O’Gorman nailed it. There seemed to be the right amount of everything (except maybe a smidge too much info all at once). O’Gorman’s book is definitely one to keep you busy, that’s for sure!

I didn’t really quite know what to make of Joanna and John’s relationship; to be honest, neither did they! Joanna’s mother proved to be quite a fiery character and completely different to her daughter! Joanna’s best friend, Nicole, also had a little bit of a situation going on and whilst I probably shouldn’t have laughed at times, I couldn’t help myself! Somewhat OTT but enjoyable nonetheless. I did feel sorry for Nicole though I must say; I’m curious to hear other people’s opinions on her situation so once you buy the book and read it, come back and let me know what your thoughts are (without spoilers).

‘Always and Forever’ really is a book that keeps on giving right until the very end. One moment you might be laughing, the next moment you might be thinking ‘what the…’, and then you may even end up shocked. It’s safe to say that storyline really does contain such a wide variety of emotional situations. Sian O’Gorman has put her own spin on a realistic situation (marital issues) by modernising it and making it a storyline to remember.

Yes, there was a lot for me to take in, and yes some of the situations were a tad OTT. BUT, ‘Always and Forever’ made me laugh, and it gave me an escape which I so desperately needed because of its uniqueness.

A mixture of everything, a storyline to remember, as well as giggles aplenty; ‘Always and Forever’ is the ideal pick me up on a day when you need it the most.

Thanks Aria Fiction.

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Sian’s previous novel, FRIENDS LIKE US is out now.

Author bio

Siân was born in Ireland, is an RTÉ radio producer and lives in the seaside suburb of Dalkey, Dublin with her seven-nearly-eight-year-old daughter, Ruby.

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Twitter: @msogorman

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