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#BlogTour! #Review – Little Gold by Allie Rogers (@alliewhowrites) @legend_press #LittleGold

Day three of the blog tour today, and the tour bus has stopped at TWG HQ! I have had the privilege of reviewing ‘Little Gold’ by Allie Rogers, and I am honoured to be sharing that review with you today. Enjoy!


The heat is oppressive and storms are brewing in Brighton in the summer of 1982. Little Gold, a boyish girl on the brink of adolescence, is struggling with the reality of her broken family and a home descending into chaos. Her only refuge is the tree at the end of her garden.

Into her fractured life steps elderly neighbour, Peggy Baxter. The connection between the two is instant, but just when it seems that Little Gold has found solace, outsiders appear who seek to take advantage of her frail family in the worst way possible. In an era when so much is hard to speak aloud, can Little Gold share enough of her life to avert disaster? And can Peggy Baxter, a woman running out of time and with her own secrets to bear, recognise the danger before it’s too late?

What does TWG think?

For a 288 page novel, ‘Little Gold’ certainly packs a punch. Set in Brighton, 1982, the storyline centres around Little Gold and her family. Well, her broken family to be exact. Life for Little Gold isn’t as straightforward as a childhood should be and her only safety net is a tree at the bottom of the garden. Whenever LG climbs up that tree she feels as free as a bird but as soon as her feet touch the ground again, reality switches off the light and takes her back to the dark place once again.

I’m not going to lie, I really did struggle with this storyline whilst I was reading it. I could understand most of the concept, yet I struggled to connect it all together to form a complete storyline. I’m not sure whether that was because the plot contained really intense messages and dark circumstances, or whether it was because I couldn’t connect to pieces of the book emotionally.

It wasn’t until a day or so after I had completed the book, that I had a lightbulb moment where the storyline was concerned. All of the various circumstances within the book, as well as all of the different emotions, FINALLY pieced themselves together in my mind. I finally had worked out what the complete message of the novel was! Obviously I’m not going to give anything away, but, make sure that you keep an open mind whilst reading ‘Little Gold’, don’t expect things to make sense automatically as you need to read between the lines without overthinking.

Now I finally understand the beauty of ‘Little Gold’, I can appreciate what the author was trying to do with Little Gold and Peggy Baxter. Two complete different characters to look at, yet two very similar characters personality wise. I’ll admit, several things which LG and her family went through really caught me, as Rogers had described each situation with such intensity and realism, creating powerful and vivid imagery in my mind. It was moments like that which took my breath away.

I am so glad that the beauty of Little Gold revealed itself to me in it’s own way. I would have been so disappointed in myself if I hadn’t been able to work out what message the author was trying to convey within her words. Such beautiful, beautiful words which were full of promise, hope and strength; just like Little Gold.

Heart-warming, powerful and thought provoking; ‘Little Gold’ will have you wearing your heart on your sleeve; you just need to surrender to the intensity of Allie Rogers words. Trust me, they’re gold; Little Gold.

Thank you Legend Press.

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