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#Review! The Good Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Even by @AnnaBell_writes @zaffrebooks

When Lexi’s sport-mad boyfriend Will skips her friend’s wedding to watch football – after pretending to have food poisoning – it might just be the final whistle for their relationship.

But fed up of just getting mad, Lexi decides to even the score. And, when a couple of lost tickets and an ‘accidentally’ broken television lead to them spending extra time together, she’s delighted to realise that revenge might be the best thing that’s happened to their relationship.

And if her clever acts of sabotage prove to be a popular subject for her blog, what harm can that do? It’s not as if he’ll ever find out . . .

What does TWG think?

First thing’s first, I have been a mahoosive fan of Anna Bell’s novels since her ‘Don’t Tell the…’ books. Now, seeing as I am one of THOSE types of females that likes to keep the scorecard level(ish) in a relationship, I knew straight away that her brand new novel, The Good Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Even, had to land on my lap one way or another.

Between you and me, lets just say that I am not as bad (or as good, depends how you see it) as Lexi! Damn gurllllll!!!! There is getting even, and then there is getting even Lexi style. Just like a large percentage of the male population, Lexi’s boyfriend, Will, is sports obsessed. If a football match is on T.V he will move heaven and Earth to watch it, same goes for getting tickets to a stadium match. No, really, everything in Will’s life comes AFTER sport. Well, that’s what Lexi seems to think anyway, especially as her boyfriend lied to avoid going with her to her friends wedding…for sport.

It really is a female thing to put two and two together and end up with five, I’m sure we have all done it. If you haven’t, don’t worry as Lexi makes up for it! Lexi does not take the lie laying down and she makes him pay by hitting him where it hurts (noo, not THERE! oh just read the book).

I’m not going to lie, most of the lengths that Lexi went to had me in hysterics as they were extremely over the top! She seemed to have the nerve to do the sorts of things a lot of us are too wussy to do, and she totally ran with those ideas. Oh, by ran I don’t mean ‘jogging to the shop for a packet of biscuits’ type run, I mean a marathon type run. Lexi wasn’t going to be stopping her revenge anytime soon, let me tell you!

Whilst I did find most of her antics hilarious, I did end up feeling a little sorry for Will as I felt as though she was taking it a little too far. For me personally, the revenge parts went on a little bit too long. However, when Lexi had had her Snickers bar as she’s not herself when she’s hungry, the storyline took a belter of a turn and made me slap my hand to my mouth in shock.

Oh yes, I really wasn’t expecting the direction it took, but I most certainly welcomed the change with open arms. It was such a clever idea on the authors part and it really kept me on my toes. Look, I’m not the most romantic person, but Anna Bell’s novel chiselled some of the ice away from my heart with its romance and heart warming concept. If an author can do that to a renown Ice Queen then I am sold.

‘The Good Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Even’ is such a fun, bonkers, romantic, and hilarious read which will keep you entertained from start to finish. Full of shocking antics, cringy circumstances and a truck load of ‘what not to do’s’, TGGGtGE is the perfect book to forget all your troubles and get happy with!

Thanks Emily Burns & Bonnier Zaffre.

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