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In the dream, Belle was always the same age as when she died…

Fourteen years ago, the final words Kennedy ever spoke to his sister were in anger. That day was September 11th 2001, and Belle died when her plane hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

Since then, Kennedy has dedicated his life to airline security. He knows more about planes than the airport authority, a fact which doesn’t go unnoticed by the CIA. After kidnapping him, Kennedy is inducted by the Agency into a programme called Red Carpet.

Now Kennedy is a civilian asset, an ordinary man working with extraordinary people to stop the world collapsing around him, just as it did for his sister so many years before.

What does TWG think?

I admit, I am one those readers who decides to judge a book by its cover instead of reading the blurb. Before you start thinking that I am a rather judgemental reader let me explain. I’m not (much), I just refuse to read a blurb and get told way too much before I have even read the novel! When I opened the package containing ‘The Asset’, straight away the cover had a lot riding on it, especially seeing as I had never heard of the author until that very moment! Luckily for me, the cover told me everything I needed to know; ‘One disaster took his sister and turned an ordinary man into a hero’.

Brand new author, intriguing cover, text with a hidden agenda that proposed the question; ‘why?’, in conclusion I couldn’t wait to begin reading.

The prologue is four pages long. Four pages was all it took to have me hooked line and sinker. FOUR PAGES! Kennedy harbours a lot of guilt after his final conversation with his sister, Belle, before she died. He will be living with that guilt and sadness for the rest of life, so what does Kennedy do? He puts himself in the firing line, literally.

‘The Asset’ was a book like no other I have read before. Not only does the storyline contain a truck load of crime, gorey details and kick ass characters, it also has a slight (understatement) spy influence throughout. Because the main character is seen as an ‘ordinary man’ (just a very, very, very clever one), he quite often got himself into a little bit of trouble from people ‘in the know’. As far as Kennedy was concerned, they weren’t ‘in the know’! Arrogant? Hilarious? Both in my opinion! At first I did think that Kennedy was so far up his own backside that he wouldn’t know the difference between night and day, but as the storyline spread its wings a bit more, he managed to change my opinion quite drastically.

You know when something happens and reality says that you shouldn’t laugh because it’s not funny, yet you end up finding yourself laughing anyway? This book made me do that! There was a situation, which had it happened in real life I probably wouldn’t have laughed, yet Kennedy’s reaction to it had me in hysterics! Yes, I’m being vague, but go and buy the book!

‘The Asset’ kept me on my toes the whole way through. Usually I try to solve storylines with complex plots, channelling my inner detective and failing miserably, but this time I was so engrossed in everything that was happening that I merely sat back and let the guys ‘in the know’ solve it! Plus, to be honest, I know I would have made a rubbish detective in this storyline as I was getting too distracted by the bonkers, other characters in the storyline. The jokers with hilarious one liners and questionable personalities (yet utterly fantastic to have in a storyline). I’m sure you know the sort.

Even though Shane Kuhn’s novel was out of my comfort zone to a point, I am so glad that I was given the chance to lose myself in such a dark, twisted and thrilling plot. Yes there were copious amounts of shocking moments with gorey details, but I really don’t think that the storyline would have been as good had they not have been included. It needed those short, sharp, shocking situations and dark conclusions as they gave the storyline enough depth to make it stand out from the rest.

Captivating, thrilling, twisted, yet unbelievably fantastic; ‘The Asset’ is THE type of book that needs to be devoured in one sitting. Full of complex characters and complex circumstances, Shane Kuhn’s novel will have you surrendering yourself to his dark and suspenseful way of thinking.
Absolutely fantastic.

Thank you Little Brown Books UK.

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