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#BlogTour! #Review of ‘Blame’ by Paul Read (@paulreadauthor) @legend_press #Blame

Not only do I get the honour of kicking off Paul Read’s blog tour (thanks Lucy!!), today is also Paul Read’s publication day woot!! ‘Blame’ is now available for you all to buy, congratulations Paul!
My stop today consists of a review, along with the all important ‘to buy’ link at the very end. Enjoy!


It is the summer of 1989 when Lucas witnesses an event that will tear his family apart. Over a decade later, his estranged father succumbs to a suspected heart attack.

Lucas shuns grief and escapes to New York with his colleague Mariana. However, a dark secret from his past threatens to re-emerge and destroy the burgeoning relationship before it has even begun.

When his father’s girlfriend fails to reappear after reporting his death, the true cause of his demise falls under scrutiny. And as the startling truth comes to light, Lucas must confront the fact that father and son may not have been so different after all.

What does TWG think?

I’ve got to be honest, I spent the first couple of chapters wondering what the hell was going on! There was a lot of half answered questions at first, so when the storyline introduced a new character or a new situation I had quite a collection of question marks camping out over my head. Yeah it did confuse me as I wanted to find out what happened and I wasn’t getting the answers quick enough! Oh by the way, I’m really not complaining at all! I was just getting very impatient due to my extreme curiosity!

This review could potentially be shorter than my other ones as most of the vital information is linked to pretty much everything! Basically, I can’t take the chance with spoilers!

‘Blame’ has such a complex and intense storyline which the main characters manage to add a completely different dimension to. We follow Lucas’ journey where we see him battle multiple demons (namely himself), as well as seeing the storyline return to another point in his life with even more questionable demons. There are a lot of colourful personalities who pop in and out of Lucas’ journey, some who make themselves more known than the others (and not in a good way).

Reading ‘Blame’ opened my eyes in more ways than one, to a whole new lifestyle I had never acknowledged before. Well, I have never had the need to acknowledge it before and from an outsiders point of view, I felt that it would be best to remove my own personal views from the equation and read the book with a very basic outlook.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book I must admit, even though some situations were quite difficult to read, Paul Read laid it all bare and wrote it very black and white. There was no fluffing, it was quite raw and…honest. One thing that did irk me about the overall storyline was how it kept building up, and building up, creating more suspense with every turn of the page and then….

I was hoping for a smidge more as I certainly thought that it was heading in that direction. Having said that, I still really enjoyed the novel nonetheless and nothing felt ruined for me, personally. There does seem to be scope for even more to the storyline so I have my fingers crossed for another book of a similar nature. Actually, I’d be happy with another book overall!

A very poignant, gritty and powerful read from start to finish, I highly recommend reading ‘Blame’ and I am really looking forward to seeing what Paul Read has up his sleeve for his next book!

Thanks Legend Press!

Buy ‘Blame’ by Paul Read, on Amazon UK

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