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#BlogTour! #Review: The Little Clock House on the Green by @EveDevon @HarperImpulse


Welcome to the little village of Whispers Wood and one glorious summer when friendships are forged, secrets are revealed and romance delightfully bursts into bloom.

Kate Somersby has finally returned home after years of running away. She’s heard that Old Man Isaac is selling the clock house on the green and she’s determined to make him an offer – the very bricks that make up the little clock house hold precious memories for her.

Only gorgeous entrepreneur Daniel Westlake is standing in her way. Their rivalry is the talk of the village and soon rumours are spreading thicker than jam on a scone…

A charming feel good romance perfect for fans of Katie Fforde, Alex Brown and Sarah Morgan

What does TWG think?

Today is my stop on Eve Devon’s blog tour for her recently released novel; The Little Clock House on the Green, which was published on the 23rd March by HarperImpulse! I hope you enjoy my review of this truly beautiful looking novel!

How STUNNING is that book cover?! I couldn’t wait to see what treats were in store for me; I was SO excited to get stuck in. And, you know what? The entire storyline did not disappoint AT ALL. From the first chapter, The Little Clock House had some sort of magical hold over me, it was as though I had climbed up to the top of The Magic Faraway Tree into the land of written tranquillity.

In this story we have two main characters lives to follow (not stalk fyi); Daniel’s and Kate’s. Daniel found himself in Whispers Wood by chance thanks to an iffy car and driving without a map and now he’s in the village, one or two things may have caught his eye to warrant becoming a permanent fixture in the village. Then there is Kate, she’s back in the village after spending a little while (several years in fact) clearing her head from circumstances she would love to forget. However, being back in the village is a tad bittersweet and she wonders whether she has made the wrong decision by coming back.

I need to be so careful with this review as a lot of the main events in the storyline are linked with certain emotions and situations, and I need to ensure I don’t drop myself in it whilst I write. If I end up being too vague, the best option for you is to go and buy the book so that you can get the answers! I know, fab idea, right?

‘What the hell made Kate run away? What was so bad that she had to up sticks and leave?’, were two of the questions that I asked myself multiple times whilst reading a fair chunk of this book. There were a lot of raw emotions and rather vague conversations to keep me pondering Kate’s reasons for going, but I didn’t want to read between the lines and delve deeper before the storyline got there, as it was such an enchanting read. You really do need to let the storyline do the talking. Let the characters develop before your very eyes and follow the paths that they choose to walk down.

The storyline had so much going for it! Not once did I find myself at a loose end, wondering when the storyline was going to pick up again as the storyline was ALWAYS on a constant rise. There was drama between characters, drama between old lifestyles and new lifestyles, drama between old memories and new memories; how COULD I be bored when there was always something to keep me interested. Don’t get me wrong, there were a couple of times when I may have read a chapter and suddenly had ‘something in my eye’, or situations became a lot grittier than before. But that wasn’t a bad thing at all, it wasn’t all dancing around the clock house at your leisure and I really enjoyed the diversity. I ended up laughing out loud multiple times too!

There is a lot to Eve Devon’s novel that meets the eye; a treasure chest of literary beauty if you will. I adored this novel from start to finish, not only did the book flow extremely well, it really did have everything that I could ever have wanted from a book.

‘The Little Clock House on the Green’ was beautifully written, full of raw and powerful emotion and housed in-depth and charismatic characters, each with very unique personalities. Not only that it was the proud owner of poignant and thought-provoking messages that are likely to stay in your heart long after you finish reading. To say I was gutted when I came to the end of the book would be understatement of the year. I am just so thankful that this was book one and we have more to come. If the next book in the series is anything like this then we are in for an absolutely treat and I cannot wait.

Huge thanks to HarperImpulse.

Buy your own copy of Eve Devon’s novel now, from Amazon UK

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8 thoughts on “#BlogTour! #Review: The Little Clock House on the Green by @EveDevon @HarperImpulse

  1. Eve Devon is such a talented writer, the story will pull you in with its charm and hold you ’til the end. Then you’ll be wanting Eve’s next title…


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