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#BlogTour! #Review – The Lost Children by Helen Phifer (@helenphifer1) @Bookouture


Lizzy pulled the covers over her head. Then she realised what was being dragged behind the person with the torch. She rammed her fist into her mouth to stop herself from screaming…

After a previous case ended in a tragic double murder, Detective Lucy Harwin, has been on enforced absence from the force. But when the body of an elderly man is discovered in an abandoned hospital, she is plunged straight back into a case that will test her to breaking point.

For decades, The Moore housed the forgotten children of Northern coastal town, Brooklyn Bay. But ever since a scandal forced its closure, the abandoned building has been left untouched.

Together with her partner, Detective Mattie Jackson, Lucy begins to unearth its terrible history, and soon finds herself on the trail of a killer ruthlessly fixated on avenging the crimes of the past.

As Lucy begins to close in on the killer, a woman is found murdered on her own doorstep. With the attacks escalating, and those closest to her now a target, can Lucy protect them and herself before it’s too late?

What does TWG think?

So far this year I have ventured out of my comfort zone more times than I have stayed in it, especially where storylines are concerned. Police crime novels aren’t usually the first ones I would pick off a shelf to buy as I have never felt the urge to read one. However, lately I have been wondering about those storylines in particular, you know, the ones with the incredible DI and a team to rival the one on ‘Life on Mars’, which means that one or two of those novels have made it onto my ‘read’ pile. Now when you’re curious about a particular genre and you spot an author ALL OVER social media (popular much?!), your curiosity decides to reach its maximum level. Basically what I’m saying is that I had to read Helen Phifer’s brand new novel as I was WAYYY too curious about what she had up her sleeve. Luckily for me, Bookouture were on hand! Today TWG is one of two stops for Helen Phifer’s blog tour and I’ll be sharing my review!

‘The Lost Children’ is book one in Helen Phifer’s brand new crime thriller series; there’s a brand new Detective on the scene and she goes by the name of Lucy Harwin! The prologue of the book made the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention and whilst I was a bit of a scaredy cat, it enticed me so much that I had to continue just to see how the storyline unfolded. We get to meet Lucy Harwin and her team as she returns to the force after an unforgettable and devastating case which saw her being absent from work. Now that she’s back, Lucy has a case that is going to test her to the limit and make her wonder if she is truly ready to be back in the firing line.

The thought of the storyline being centred around an asylum gave me the heebie jeebies big time, the fear that the author managed to incorporate into her words about the setting, the murders etc, was enough to make me go cold. Yes, I’m a wuss but at least I’m trying these things! Helen Phifer sure knows how to create an atmospheric plot by zoning in to the most fearfully enticing parts of her storyline, making your scaredy cat backside too flabbergasted to pause the book. I’m not going to lie, this book creeped me out big time, yet I couldn’t stop reading it! I really enjoyed getting to know Lucy and her team, but I did feel like we spent more time getting to know her as opposed to delving further into the investigation. I can’t believe that I’m about to say this, but yes, I wanted more rollercoaster feeling, more stomach lurching moments. Quite ironic really when I just said that I was freaked out, yet I still could go more.

That really does go to show that Helen Phifer is obviously talented at what she does. Not only has she managed to freak me out in a matter of chapters, she has also made me bungee jump out of my comfort zone by requesting more of those thrills. I loved the gritty nature to the book and how the storyline does the odd flash back to the past (more please!). I am glad that this is book one in the series because hopefully we will start seeing a different side to Lucy Harwin and hopefully put her skills to the ultimate test to make me even more of a scaredy cat!

Let’s just say that this book and the upcoming series have both made me exceptionally intrigued. Helen Phifer, you may be one to watch, I’m impressed.

Thank you Bookouture.

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About the author.

Helen Phifer’s love of reading began with Enid Blyton, before progressing on to Laura Ingals Wilder and scaring herself with Steven King. If she can’t write for any particular reason she finds herself getting itchy fingers and really irritable. She loves reading as much as writing and is also very fond of chocolate, Prosecco, The Lake District, New York, white Zinfandel wine, my children and grandchildren, my friends, porn star martini cocktails, Stephen King, watching scary films, Marilyn Monroe, Melissa McCarthy, Idris Elba, Simon Baker, Spandau Ballet, The Munsters and coffee. In no particular order.

Make sure you visit the last two stops of Helen Phifer’s blog tour, tomorrow! Details on the picture below!


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