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#Review – The Fabulous Woman’s Guide Through Cancer by Nicola Bourne (@njbrn) #reallife

The Fabulous Woman’s Guide Through Cancer is for every woman touched by cancer but still determined to feel in control of their life.

Giving real advice from a number of fabulous women effected by cancer, it includes tips, examples, stories, memoirs, information and ideas covering everything from post-operative styling, ideas to stay social when you can’t go out, dealing with doctors, ways to stay lifted and mots more. All with plenty of kind words and inspiration to keep women on-track during this time.

What does TWG think?

How on Earth can a reviewer or a blogger, ‘review’ a book that has been written about the authors own personal journey? I mean, it’s not like we can sit in front of our computers, dressed to perfection in black tie (ahem), and rate the book 2 stars because it ‘wasn’t sad enough’ or ‘the storyline didn’t hold my attention and wasn’t believable’, or even writing that the ‘storyline was far too sad and completely unrealistic’. The author may even come back with ‘oh oh, okay, I do APOLOGISE about my life not giving you enough entertainment’. Who the hell are we to judge or comment on how someone else lives their life or deals with an extremely uncertain and devastating hurdle? EXACTLY. We can’t, and I won’t. With the blog post I am about to write, I have removed my reviewer hat as this is NOT a review. Instead, it is purely my thoughts in no particular order, and most definitely not commenting on the ‘storyline’ or ‘book structure’.


Because my dear readers, the author of this book; Nicola Bourne, has had to battle something you only see other people getting and never believing it’ll ever reach you. Cancer. The thing is, prior to the diagnosis, Nicola had had a few ‘iffy’ moments which had resulted in a fair few trips to her GP, taking home information which she could have easily sourced herself from our good friend Google. However, that information was incorrect and their failure to delve further into Nicola’s symptoms mean that her cancer ended up being an aggressive little devil. There was only one option (aside from chemo etc), and that option still didn’t guarantee Nicola’s life at the end of it. She had to endure an extensive 12 hour operation to remove multiple, multiple things including the back wall of her vagina. Yes ladies, you’re probably wincing right now, and I’ll admit that I did too when I read that. However, I cannot even begin to imagine the emotional pain Nicola felt when she got told that news. It’s not really the sort of thing you can go ‘oh okay, no problem’ to, is it?

You’re also probably wondering why I am telling you that (above) when it’s in the book, yes? I have left the finer details out yet given you an overview of her diagnosis because something in particular shouted out to me, and I need to highlight it. When you go to see your GP, you really do expect the doctor/nurse to take you seriously and not fob you off for being ‘too young’ for particular illnesses (if you’re showing the symptoms), or anything similar. You expect them to listen, take note and investigate. Hell, we constantly get told to ‘go to see our gp’s’ if we have symptoms of such and such or if we require further medical advice. Instead, Nicola had to PUSH for a diagnosis. We KNOW our own bodies.

In this guide book, Nicola covers things from telling your family and friends that you have cancer to advice on how to pamper yourself after surgery, and even offering advice on going on holiday with a different you. She has literally given you a friend (in book form) from the start of your medical journey, to life after it; ensuring that even if you do have the support around you, she is giving you additional support from someone IN THE KNOW.

Now, I’m not taking anything away from the cancer topic at all, but, when Nicola discusses how she felt in regards to her treatment from her gp, and how she felt with other people refusing to believe that she was ill because she ‘looked fine’, it caught me very deeply. Those emotions, actions and feelings Nicola wrote in black and white, a lot of people battling chronic illnesses will be able to take away with them after reading this book. Selfishly perhaps, I felt as though she understood me even though I was looking at her words from a completely different angle. It was as though Nicola became the voice of many.

The intense emotion is highly evident throughout the whole book, and rightly so. After all, Nicola had her whole world turned upside down and yet she has still written a book to offer guidance for other people! The guidance in her book isn’t all directed at cleansing your aura and becoming Buddha’s bosom buddy, she has kept it real, humorous and extremely laid back. Honestly, it was as though I had had Nicola ring my doorbell, grab and coffee and sit me down to talk to me about her rollercoaster journey; so matter of fact and so powerful. I am tearing up writing this as I think that Nicola Bourne is an incredibly brave, humble and selfless woman for what she has had to fight, and probably still continues to fight on a daily basis in various other ways.

This is, without a doubt, a truly remarkable book about a truly remarkable woman’s journey; who has selflessly offered her hand to anyone facing the dreaded C. I am in awe at Nicola’s courage to write about her journey so black and white, as well as her strength to be able to fight the horrific disease. Yes, okay, maybe she didn’t ‘have any other option’, but she did have the option as to whether she shared her story to help others, strangers even, which is what she chose to do.

Nicola Bourne, you have my utmost respect. Thank you for sharing your story, and thank you for understanding me even though you had no idea that you did.

If you know of anyone fighting cancer, or if you are fighting the journey yourself, you are able to buy Nicola Bourne’s ‘The Fabulous Woman’s Guide Through Cancer’ right now:
Buy from Amazon now.

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