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What does a new week require? A brand new blog tour, that’s what! Aria Fiction have given me the honour of kicking off Lauren Westwood’s blog tour today, for her new book ‘Finding Secrets’! Make sure you follow the rest of the bloggers on the tour too, as they’re all pretty fabulous! Lets get the tour bus rolling shall we? Day one sees a review from TWG HQ, enjoy!


A country house, a precious jewelled locket, and a puzzle dating back to the
London Blitz and Imperial Russia. Utterly captivating, a fantastic romance
from beginning to end. Perfect for the fans of Carole Matthews and Milly


Alex Hart loves her dream job as manager of Mallow Court, a historic Elizabethan
house, even if her friends think she needs to get out more. But a discovery in the
pocket of an old coat – a jewelled mechanical locket shaped like a bird – changes
everything, and Alex discovers that things are not as they seem.
From an old diary, to a handsome barrister, a mysterious clockmaker, and the
darkest hours of the London Blitz, Alex must follow the trail of the jewelled bird
to uncover the truth about the things she holds dearest – and someone is
determined not to let sleeping dogs lie!
Only by finding the secrets of the past can Alex find the keys to her future – and

her heart.

What does TWG think?

First of all, the cover of this book completely threw me off the scent so to speak. Whilst it is pretty to look at, it really doesn’t match the storyline at all! Whilst completely unexpected, the way in which the storyline unfolded, compared to my initial expectations due to the cover, it was a very welcome surprise.

Alex Hart is the manager of Mallow Court, a country house which gives visitors a taste of Elizabethan history every single time the door is open. Alex has been involved in the running of Mallow Court for many years, yet the day-to-day routines have been quite simplistic and calm…until now. Alex knew a little bit of information about her blood relatives, but it wasn’t quite enough to complete the puzzle. Life at Mallow Court is about to get very intense, lets just hope that Alex is up for Finding Secrets.

I’d be lying if Alex and I became bosom buddies straight away as I found her character to be a quite unattached and cold about her past. For me, something didn’t quite add up with her the way she was reacting to the knowledge, it was as though she didn’t care about it. I really did find her a tough personality to warm up to, I must admit. After several chapters had passed and the storyline began to unfold in an ‘oooo intriguing’ kind of way, Alex’s personality seemed to suit her better. Well, I think it was that! More characters emerged as the storyline progressed, each one coming with their own skeletons and personal secrets. That was when I truly knew that I was going to enjoy this novel.

If you step back and focus on the shell of the novel, you might find that it is purely a book about a country house that does guided tours, has a gift shop and has a man who takes yoga classes. However, whilst those facts may be true, there is a lot more to ‘Finding Secrets’ that meets the eye. I loved how the book took me on a rollercoaster ride! There were so many twisty corners to the entire storyline, I’m surprised I didn’t end up with travel sickness!

Lauren Westwood has incorporated a lot of fascinating, historic information within ‘Finding Secrets’, and, despite being unaware of the intensity to that particular history, I loved finding out more. I have only really read historical novels which centre the UK around its findings whilst including other countries and events as extras; I hadn’t read a novel which features monarchy from another country which THEN links with the UK. Incredibly fascinating! So much so, I had google open whilst I was reading it so that I could find out more. The author has embedded those facts deep within the storyline so it’s as though you, the reader, are the one uncovering that history for the very first time. Does that make sense? It wasn’t the focal point of the story, yet it wasn’t overshadowed by the individual characters and their own lives.

Overall, I found ‘Finding Secrets’ to be a storyline with a multitude of layers, some were expected yet most of them caught me off guard in such a positive way. Whilst I had reservations about the storyline to begin with, Lauren Westwood managed to win me round with her cosy and descriptive writing style, whilst teasing me (as a reader) with one or two red herrings. Lets just say the author kept my curiosity in check, and then some.

‘Finding Secrets’ is an unexpected, intense and highly fascinating read which highlights the importance of not judging a book (situation) by its cover. Not only that, ‘Finding Secrets’ teaches us readers that a wrongly kept secret and not learning the truth, can make a person’s individual walls come crashing down with no warning whatsoever. An eye-opener in more ways than one, ‘Finding Secrets’ kept me on my toes and is definitely a book which kept on giving.

Thank you Aria.

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About Lauren Westwood

Originally from California, Lauren relocated to England in 2000. She works as a
lawyer for a renewable energy company. Laure’s first novel, ‘Finding Home’ was
inspired by her family’s 3-year search for a house that made them the bane of
home county estate agents. She currently resides in a pernickety 400-year old
house in Surrey with her partner and their three daughters. She enjoys travel,
visiting old houses, baking with her daughters, dance, playing piano, and hates


Twitter: @LWestwoodWriter


Lauren’s previous book, Finding Home is out now:

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