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#BlogTour! #BookReview of 336 Hours by Rachel Cathan (@rachelcathan) @brookcottagebks


‘Based on the author’s true life experiences, 336 Hours is a humorous and poignant diary
about one woman’s quest to be a mother.’

Release Date: 13th February 2017
Publisher: SilverWood Books

The next 336 hours will be tough. No, the next 336 hours will be really tough…
I feel like an Olympian, waiting to see whether the years of hard work, sacrifice and dedication are finally going to pay off, or whether my body is about to fail me at the last hurdle and make me wonder why I ever hoped I could win. My best friend is pregnant, my single friends are planning their pregnancies and, after five long years of tests and investigations, I’m coming to the end of my third – and supposedly final – IVF treatment.

There are 336 hours to survive before I’ll know if I get to join the motherhood club. That’s 224 waking hours of pure psychological torture. 112 sleeping hours to stare at the ceiling and wonder, what the hell am I going to do with my life if it turns out I can’t have kids?
Based on the author’s true life experiences, 336 Hours is a humorous and poignant diary about one woman’s quest to be a mother.

What does TWG think?

My first impression of the book was ‘look at that pineapple’! Not only is there a pineapple on the front of the cover, it is also situated on the lady’s head….with a clock inside. A rather intriguing and quirky book cover for such an eye-opening novel!

‘336 Hours’ is based on the authors own personal struggles with fertility, a subject that is far more common than people realise. There’s struggling with fertility as in taking longer to fall pregnant naturally, and then there’s struggling with fertility and opting to go down the IVF route in order to have your own special bundle. Two completely different journeys with one thing in common; fertility. Unless we have issues conceiving ourselves, nobody truly knows the emotional journey females (and their partners) endure to try to complete their family. But, thanks to Rachel Cathan, a lot of people are about to become more aware of IVF and how infertility isn’t just being unable to fall pregnant.

Personally, I can resonate with little pieces of this novel (and the topic) due to having issues myself. As a female, we are put on this Earth to procreate and when it doesn’t just ‘happen’, we blame ourselves for being unable to do what we were made to do. Rachel Cathan has laid it all bare in ‘336 Hours’; delving deeper into the day-to-day emotions in between treatments with such honesty and oh so dry humour. The main character in the novel has a HUGE black cloud over her head consisting of 336 hours and wondering whether she will ever become a mother once those 336 hours have passed.

The honesty that poured out of the book was enough to fill a swimming pool, and some. Rachel Cathan has written such a tongue in cheek, humourous account on a real life situation that will either make you, or break you. She explores the feelings of jealously, other parents moaning about their children and even people close to her falling pregnant. Most importantly, the author doesn’t pussy foot around the full on treatments, symptoms, arguments with partners; she pretty much black and whites it as if to say; ‘this is REAL’. Because it is. Rachel Cathan’s book is real life, and extremely poignant. I really do hope that a lot of people in a similar position find comfort in Rachel’s words. I also hope that Rachel’s words are an eye opener to those who diss IVF and fob infertility issues off like a cold.

A brave, gritty and powerful read, 336 Hours is a diary full of life, heartache and learning to smile when all you want to do is cry. Such an eye opener.

Thank you BrookCottageBks.

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They should have IVF farms for women like me to book into at times like these; pretty padded cells with flat-screen TVs and row upon row of feel-good DVDs and relaxation CDs, and beautiful gardens and luxury bathrooms with hot taps that would never heat up to embryo boiling temperatures, and gigantic rocking chairs so that we could legitimately sit and rock ourselves backwards and forwards for hours on end without looking completely crazy in the process.

About the author.

RACHEL CATHAN is a writer from Bedfordshire. In 2001, a mutual friend introduced her to a part-time pub DJ in Southend-on- Sea. A month later, they had moved in together, around seven years later they tied the knot, and a little while after that – just like so many couples before them – they made the exciting and terrifying decision to start a family. And then, like a growing number of couples today, well…not a lot happened.
Throughout the subsequent years of fertility investigations and failed treatments, Rachel kept a diary of her experiences, and it’s from these first- hand encounters in the world of infertility and IVF that her first book, 336 Hours has been adapted.

Author links: Facebook // Twitter // Goodreads Author Page // Blog // Website


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