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#BlogTour! #WhatYouDontKnow by @joann_chaney @panmacmillan #TheSeeverEffect


It’s Wednesday 8th February 2017 and TWG is here with some breaking news for you this morning. For the third day running, bloggers across the globe have been involved in the secretive Seever Effect. According to Ms.JoAnn Chaney, #WhatYouDontKnow is….still to be revealed.
NEWS JUST IN: PanMacmillan will be releasing #TheSeeverEffect into the spotlight on 9th February 2017; be on your guard.

By Sammie Peterson
In a Post exclusive, Gloria Seever has finally broken her silence over her husband Jacky’s arrest for serial homicide. They have been married for almost thirty years but since her husband’s arrest in December last year, Gloria Seever has declined to talk to the press.
Police inquiry has found no evidence to implicate Gloria as an accomplice to her husband’s crimes, but questions continue to be raised amongst members of the community as to how someone living in such close proximity to his victims could be oblivious to their existence.
There is, to begin with, the question of the smell some neighbours reported omitting from the house.
“I remember that happening once or twice,” admits Gloria. “On hot days.”
When pressed she explains, “We always had a rodent problem. Jacky would set out the poison, and the mice would crawl up in the walls and die. Having that pond out back attracted all kinds of pests.”
I ask Gloria whether it was her husband that told her about the mice.
“Yes,” she replies instantly. “That’s what Jacky told me. Why wouldn’t I believe him?”
I suggest that Seever’s reliability might be up for debate considering his confession to murdering thirty-one people in her own home.
“The police cleared me as a suspect,” she is quick to state, and while Gloria Seever has been consistently firm on the matter of her innocence, her continued silence on the finer details of her life and marriage to Denver’s most hated man, will do nothing to quash rumours of her complicity.

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JoAnn Chaney’s dark debut, What You Don’t Know, tells the story of the three victims the murderer didn’t kill but whose lives he ruined all the same . . .

A crime like this isn’t only about the killer. There are others to consider . . .

Seven years ago, Detective Paul Hoskins and his larger-than-life partner solved one of the biggest serial killer cases of the decade. They dug up 31 bodies in a crawlspace belonging to the beloved Jacky Seever, a pillar of the community and a successful businessman. Sammie Peterson was the lead reporter on the case. Her byline was on the front page of the newspaper every day. Seever’s wife, Gloria, claimed to be as surprised as everyone else.

But when you get that close to a killer, can you really just move on?

Today, Hoskins has been banished to the basement of the police station, Sammie is selling make-up at the shopping mall, and Gloria is trying to navigate a world where she can’t escape condemnation.

Then a series of copycat killings take place, with the victims all connected to Seever. While Gloria is determined not to be forced into the spotlight again, Hoskins and Sammie see a chance to get their lives back. But it could mean forfeiting their humanity in the process . . .

It isn’t over. It’ll never be over.

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