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#Review – Millie Vanilla’s Cupcake Café – Spring Beginnings by @georgiawrites @fictionpubteam



A new charming three part series for fans of sweet romance!

Is this the start of something wonderful?

Millie’s working all hours to make her seaside café a success, so when a rival multi-national café chain opens its latest branch just around the corner, stealing away her customers, it means WAR!

Millie’s remaining loyal customers step up – and a new arrival in town, the gorgeous, enigmatic Jed Henville, is also keen on helping Millie solve her business crisis. But it’s only after Jed sweeps her off her feet that Millie suddenly realises how little she knows about him…

What does TWG think?

I am probably not the first one to be enticed by that sugary sweet front cover, and I am sure that I won’t be the last either! Sweet and cosy front cover + a book title with ‘cake’ in it = TWG set for the evening. Yes, those two things sold me on nabbing Georgia Hill’s novel to read. Shallow? No way. Genius? Hell yeah!

Going to the seaside wouldn’t be the same, jovial experience we have all reminisce about, without nipping into the café nearby for an ice-cream or egg and chips. Well, they’re my personal favourites anyway, but I’m sure you catch my drift! Cue Millie and her seaside café; a venture in which she is fiercely protective of. So protective in fact, that when the rumour mill goes into overdrive about a new café pulling the rug from under her feet, Millie soon learns who she can and can’t trust. Although, lets emphasise the can’t trust shall we? I mean, they do say that it is the nice ones that you need to watch…

‘Spring Beginnings’ is the first book in the ‘Millie Vanilla’s Cupcake Cafe’ three part series with part two ‘Summer Loves’, following later in the year. Even though the front cover screamed sweet like chocolate, the storyline itself reminded me of the popular seaside treat, rock; vibrant on the outside yet full of depth and flavour on the inside. There is more to ‘Spring Beginnings’ that meets the eye but one thing is for certain, I am VERY glad that you cannot consume calories from a physical book. The amount of yummy treats that are described in this book is mouth watering; and then you have the actual food on top of that! (Yes, there are a few dapper gentleman mentioned!!)

As with all multiple part book series, you will only find out so much from each section, leaving you with unanswered questions or in this case, loud hunger pains too. I adored the homely personality of the main character, Millie, as it felt as though she was the heart and soul of the storyline itself. From the very beginning, ‘Spring Beginnings’ stole my heart; the storyline had enough depth to keep me going until the end. Even the characters stood out in their own ways without losing any of their identity along the way. A very promising start to an already cosy read, roll on part two!

Thank you HarperImpulse/Netgalley.

Georgia Hill’s ‘Spring Beginnings’, book one of the Millie Vanilla’s Cupcake Café series, will be published in e-book on the 3rd February. To pre-order your copy go to Amazon.


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