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#BlogTour – Before You Go by @clareswatman. #review @jessduffyy @panmacmillan


Today it’s TWG’s stop on the blog tour for Clare Swatman and her new release; Before You Go! Clare’s novel was published in e-book by Panmacmillan in December 2016, however, the STUNNING hardback book is set to hit the shelves 9th February 2017! How exciting, I wonder who I need to flutter my eyelashes at to get a hardback version as well! Huge thanks to Panmacmillan for the beautiful ARC!

Without further ado, here is my review!


Before You Go is powerful story of love and loss, by debut author Clare Swatman.

When Zoe’s husband Ed dies, her world caves in. But what if Zoe can get Ed back?

You find your soulmate . . .

Some people stare love in the face for years before they find it. Zoe and Ed fumbled their way into adulthood, both on different paths – but always in the same direction. Years later, having navigated dead-end jobs and chaotic house shares, romance finally blossoms. Their future together looks set . . .

Then the unthinkable happens.

One morning, on his way to work, Ed is knocked off his bike and dies. Now Zoe must find a way to survive. But she’s not ready to let go of the memories. How can she forget all of the happy times, their first kiss, everything they’d built together? Zoe decides she has to tell Ed all the things she never said.

Now it’s too late. Or is it?

What does TWG think?

Can I start by diverting your attention to the third and fourth from last words, on the very first sentence of the blurb; got it? Good, now keep those two words in your mind for now.

When I received my copy of the book with a distinctively different cover to the ones on sale (thanks Panmacmillan), time stood still. There I was sitting with a navy blue book on my lap, which featured gold embossed letters on the front as well as minimal amounts of information. Not only did the book look beautiful, it had already started to take me on a journey before I had even begun reading it. The clock on the front cover was ticking in my mind; time was of the essence but as for which character, I had absolutely no idea.

Due to the nature of the storyline, I am doing my review a little differently as usually I take time outlining the book with no spoilers, then proceed with my thoughts and feelings. Why am I doing it differently? Because, ‘Before You Go’ is a bit like a treasure map and a treasure chest combined; you need to read the book yourself to ensure that you have all of the map pieces in the correct order, without missing any vital pieces of information. Then, without even being aware, the storyline delivers a treasure chest full of eye-opening surprises, magic moments and enough gold to fill your heart with copious amounts of warmth and emotion. Outlining this book would be an insult to the authors enchanting work of art as it is a book that NEEDS to be devoured by your very own eyes, with your own imagination grabbing hold of every single glimmer of hope that is hidden within those black and white words.

At the start of this review I asked you to divert your attention to the third and fourth from last words, of the very first sentence of the blurb, remember? When I started the book, I didn’t read (or know) those two words that I just asked you to look at. Clare’s novel gave me goosebumps all over my body and filled me with emotion that, despite being weeks since I finishing the novel, still resonates with me now. ‘Debut author’ those two words say and ‘debut author’ are two words that I didn’t associate with Clare Swatman, not once. Her gritty, powerful yet delicate way of writing about such a harrowing yet undeniably heart warming storyline completely blew me away. If this is the work of a debut author, I absolutely cannot wait to the second novel from this author. It isn’t often that I have read a book by a debut author which has shown so much passion and has characters whose personalities literally jump off the page. For me, ‘Before You Go’ was such a flawless read from start to finish; I’m not even ashamed to say that I cried like a baby. ‘Before You Go’ is, without a doubt, a must read for 2017. You’ll be a fool if you didn’t put this beauty on your TBR pile right now.

Thank you Panmacmillan.

Before You Go by Clare Swatman is available for you to buy now in e-book format, with the hardback version following on the 9th February. You too can grab your copy now (or pre-order) from Amazon

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