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It’s #TuesNews day #TWG style! Featuring Emma Davies (@EmDavies68) & the Appleyard Series!


Not too long ago, I helped Emma let you all know about her ‘Tales from Appleyard’ series. If you were doing your hair, you can find the post here: #CoverReveal x4! Best selling author Emma Davies (@EmDavies68) is revealing 4 beauties!

Since that particular post was published…guess what! Book two of the Appleyard series, ‘Spring Fever’, has been released!! Yes that’s right folks! ‘Merry Mistletoe’ is no longer on its own on Amazon and has a friend to join it, how exciting! I am sure you’re intrigued about the book, so of course I am here to tell you ALL about it…obviously!

Life is about to get very exciting for Merry and Tom – a new baby, a wonderful new home, and a fresh business venture to get off the ground. Five Penny House is just the place to make their dreams come true, and so what if the locals think the place is cursed? Merry’s not about to let a little thing like that bother her…

For Freya and Sam too, spring heralds the beginning of their new life together at her beloved Appleyard orchard. There are plans to make and a lot of hard work needed if they’re ever to reverse its failing fortunes, but as long as they have each other, what could possibly go wrong?

Then the rain starts to fall – and keeps on falling – and the new beginning both couples dream of begins to slip from their grasp. For Merry and Tom it now looks like the start of their worst nightmare. But sometimes help can arrive from the most unexpected places…

Please say that I’m not the only one that thinks of apple crumble and apple pie after looking at the cover! Mmmm.

Sorry, got a bit distracted! Ahem, you can get your oven gloves (or hands) on your very own copy from Amazon UK | Amazon US as of NOW!
If you also wish to get your hands on the first book in the series (which has also had a beautiful make-over), Merry Mistletoe, you can do so via Amazon UK | Amazon US!

Keep your eyes peeled though, as the other two books in the series are set to appear in 2017! Seeing as we’re very close to December, 2017 isn’t too far away at all!

One last thing; if you have read any of Emma’s books, especially these latest beauties, please do take a minute or two to pop a review up on Amazon. Reviews to authors are like flour to a pie…essential! Without those reviews, the work that these authors have taken months (or even years) to produce, will not be seen by you lot. It only needs to be a sentence or two (constructive please, not bashing…they’re not meat!). Thank you in advance from myself and Emma, if you are able to do that! Enjoy!

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