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#BlogTour! Pee Wee The Christmas Tree by George Wells. @authorightukpr



Heart-warming illustrated story about a Christmas tree overlooked for his small size who
refuses to give up on finding a family to spend the holidays with.
For years, Pee Wee has lived in the shadow of the bigger trees on the Christmas farm.
Without enough sunlight to grow tall and strong, he has been forced to watch helplessly as
the other bigger and more attractive trees are picked every year, going home with a happy
family. Just as Pee Wee is about to give up hope that he will ever get the chance to bring joy
to a family during the holiday season, he is finally cut down to be sold!

After years of waiting, Pee Wee is disappointed to find that he is still overlooked by
customers wanting fuller trees to decorate. With his dream of celebrating Christmas with a
family of his own fading fast, he is at last discovered by two children who tell their father that
they found one that is the perfect size. Driven back to their home and adorned with lights
and decorations, Pee Wee is finally able to accomplish his life’s big dream: to make children
happy at Christmas!

Pee Wee the Christmas Tree by George Wells is the perfect story for young kids this holiday
season, encouraging them to never give up on their own dreams and proving that – large or
small – there is room for us all.

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What does TWG think?

Step aside Rudolph as there is another cute little fellow fighting for attention this year; and he goes by the name Pee Wee! That’s right girls and boys, Rudolph isn’t the only memorable character this Christmas now that Pee Wee is on the scene! Poor Pee Wee is a little small. Usually size wouldn’t matter, but seeing as Pee Wee is a Christmas tree, families seem to reach for the taller trees first meaning Pee Wee is left on his own. Such a shame for a little tree! He just wants a family to love him for who he is, rather than the size he is not.
Luckily for Pee Wee, two children shout to their father that he is a perfect tree. Maybe Pee Wee will get his happily ever after this Christmas?

One word; AWWWW!!!! Poor Pee Wee!!! As far as trees go, he is on the cute side I must admit. His poor little face when he realises he isn’t getting cut, again, it’s such a shame!
I loved the illustrations as they’re so bright and colourful, they will certainly get children’s attention rather quickly. Not too complicated either, they stand out in such a simple yet effective way.

I think that this is such a great book for children as it sheds light on something very important; judgement. Nobody should be judging anyone else based on their looks, Christmas trees included! Regardless of how many people think that we are far from perfect, there will always be someone who will feel that you are more than perfect. Be who you are and there will always be someone who loves you. I’m glad Pee Wee ended up happy!
Thank you Authoright!


About the author.

George Wells has been a songwriter for over fifty years with over 100 of

his songs having been recorded. He has worked with artists including Charlie Walker, Neil
Bonnett and Patsy Trigg and has had a song featured in the 1969 film, From Nashville With
Music, as well as numerous television and radio programs over the course of his career.
Wells currently resides in Huntsville, Alabama. Pee Wee the Christmas Tree is his second

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