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#Blogtour! Review of The #ChristmasGuest by Daisy Bell. @AlainnaGeorgiou @QuercusBooks


Absolutely thrilled to post my review as part of the blog tour for an undeniably cute book, The Christmas Guest, by Daisy Bell!


When Teddy runs away from home a week before Christmas, he’s far too excited to worry about what lies ahead. But all too soon Teddy realises just how cold and scary the world really is, and what was supposed to be the perfect adventure now seems like a terrible mistake.

Then Teddy is discovered on a snowy doorstep by the Woods family. With their kind hearts and cosy cottage, Claire, Ben and their daughter Emily are the family Teddy is desperate to have. But Emily is ill, her parents are stressed and, with Christmas around the corner, raising and training a well-meaning but unruly puppy is hardly a priority. Teddy knows he and little Emily have a once-in-a-lifetime bond, and that he can be the best friend she needs in this dark time. If only he can prove to Ben and Claire how much happier he could make them all, Teddy might just find the family of his dreams this Christmas.

A puppy for Christmas. A friend for life.

What does TWG think?

Whilst the cover of the book is cuteness overload, do not, under any circumstances, be fooled by the cute pup on the front. I was, I must admit. I fell under the little pups spell straight away, I mean, how could anyone not! Look at its cutie little face! The storyline itself, however, doesn’t follow in the same vein though (if that makes sense). It has a lot more guts and dynamic oozing from it, than the cover could ever reveal. To be fair actually, the cover doesn’t reveal any clues except a puppy. Very cleverly put together in my opinion.

Meet Teddy, a puppy which has been given a new home with human parents instead of his own doggy mummy and family. At first he finds it exciting as there are new places and smells to explore. The excitement doesn’t seem to last too long though and soon enough, Teddy takes matters into his own paws and goes on a new adventure, away from his new home. Oh the things that Teddy sees!  Teddy’s little legs can only do so much and before long, he needs to find a place to sleep and some comfort for his puppy tummy. Unfortunately, there are no puppy versions of Premier Inns and Teddy has to make do with a doorstep. Could the doorstep he chose, end up being the doorstep to puppy happiness?

If you have ever wondered what life is like from dog level, here is your chance! As I’m sure you’ve noticed, most books seem to be written from the eyes of a human. However, ‘The Christmas Guest’ sees the readers following the storyline in the eyes of the puppy, Teddy. Every experience that Teddy has, readers may find themselves emotionally involved with everything that he comes up against; including snow. I’ll be honest, I did find myself going ‘awwww!!!!’ quite a few times as I was reading the book. It is a bit hard to not find Teddy’s antics rather cute yet quite sad. For a small puppy, he does have a bit of a tough start in life.

After Teddy wakes up on the doorstep, it isn’t long before he realises that his role in that particular household is more than to just being a puppy. Emily is poorly and there only seems to be one bundle of love that could help her this Christmas. As soon as I realised that the storyline was going to go on a bit of a rollercoaster ride, nothing could prepare me for how bump the ride was going to be.

‘The Christmas Guest’ is a book completely different to those that I have read before. The emotional edge the storyline contained was extremely evident and often took me aback. I completely underestimated the power behind a four-legged friend and the love that they wish to give. I was flabbergasted, emotional and felt as though I was walking on air by the time that I had finished the book. unbelievably written, ‘The Christmas Guest’ is such a unique and poignant book to read this Christmas, ideal for anyone, and everyone. An absolute pleasure to read, thank you Quercus books for giving me the opportunity.

The Christmas Guest by Daisy Bell, published by Quercus books, is available to buy now from Amazon.

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